Marvel’s Avengers Will Launch With Reduced Screen Shake

Finding the balance between feeling like the Hulk and still being able to see everything around you has been somewhat difficult for Marvel’s Avengers, but that should be changing at launch with reduced screen shake.

If you were lucky enough to play the beta, you may have noticed that—with all of the superhero stuff going on—the screen was shaking maybe a little bit too much. With a game like this, it’s easy for the screen to get really busy with fire, explosions, lasers, and enemies running around. Throw in some screen shake and it can be unreadable at times. Your eyes simply can’t make sense of everything that’s happening.

In an interview with our very own editor-in-chief, Kirk McKeand, Marvel’s War Zones director Philippe Therien stated that the team tried to find the balance between how flashy and how many effects there are in the game. He also stated that, based on feedback from the beta, you will have some ability to adjust elements of the game like screen shake and motion blur.

Obviously, the developers want to make sure that the game runs smoothly and that you truly feel like you are the superhero that you are playing as. However, at the end of the day, you’re playing a game that you need to be able to see. That’s something that the developers say they are very sensitive to and are attempting to strike a balance with.

Marvel’s Avengers is an extremely ambitious project that has taken years to develop. Early feedback from the beta suggests that there was just too much going on to really enjoy the game without feeling like you’re playing blindfolded. Hopefully, the sliders that were added in can help make the game easier to play. If those sliders don’t prove to be enough to address the issue, there could be serious problems with player satisfaction over-all.

In a world where replayability is the name of the game, Marvel’s Avengers is going to want to make sure that it continues to draw people in with smooth, immersive gameplay. Time will tell if they were ultimately able to find that middle-ground.

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