Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 due Christmas 2021 claims insider

The latest rumour suggests that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 on PS5 could be out ‘sooner than you think’, even if it’s not next year.

Sony has never even mentioned a follow-up to last year’s Marvel’s Spider-Man but everyone knows it’s an absolute certainty, not least because there are plenty of sequel hooks in the story itself.

The most obvious reason though is because it made lots of money, so the only question is when not if.

Given the release of the PlayStation 5 next year the sequel would obviously be on that (or possibly the PlayStation 4 as well) but there’s been no sign that it’ll be ready for next year, which makes 2021 the first likely option – and apparently that’s exactly what Sony is aiming for.

On the latest podcast, Kinda Funny’s Imran Khan claims to know a lot about the sequel’s production and specifically mentions Christmas 2021. He also suggests that it will be out ‘sooner than you think’, in reference to the other guests’ speculation of a later release.

Khan presumably knows people at developer Insomniac Games, and stops himself from saying anything more, but while late 2021 seems a long way away three years is about as quickly as you could expect a big budget open world sequel.

Although a lot of that depends on whether the new game is also set in New York, which would save time for the developer but might get a little repetitive as that’s where most Spidey games are usually set.

There’s also the question of whether Sony might be considering a remaster of the original, especially as they’ve already been using it for tech demos that take advantage of super-fast loading via the PlayStation 5’s SSD.

Remasters of PlayStation 3 games such as The Last Of Us were commonplace in the early days of the PlayStation 4, but it’s still unclear if Sony will follow a similar approach with the PlayStation 5 -especially given its greater emphasis on backwards compatibility.

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