Mass Effect Legendary Edition Mod Fixes Defunct Cerberus Daily News

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is absolutely the best way to experience the original Mass Effect trilogy, but the remastered games don’t bring back everything from the originals. One of the smaller features of Mass Effect 2 that never returned was Cerberus Daily News, a small section of the Mass Effect 2 home screen that provided the player with news stories from around the Milky Way. A lot of these stories previewed upcoming plot beats in DLC and Mass Effect 3, but some of them were just fun fluff.

Cerberus Daily News was updated every day from January 10 to March 2011, with a few small stories in 2012 to tease ME3. After that, Cerberus Daily News went dark, and now the only way to experience these articles would be on the Mass Effect wiki.

Or so we thought. PC Gamer recently spotted a mod that resurrects Cerberus Daily News in Mass Effect Legendary Edition and provides plot-relevant articles to the player in an ingenious way.

Mod maker Cirosan hasn’t brought mack Mass Effect 2’s home screen, but they have added 50 new in-game emails that are based on articles that were previously shown on Cerberus Daily News. The articles have been edited lightly for readability as the originals were just one giant paragraph without any page breaks. Emails are sent to Shepard periodically as they progress through the plot of ME2 and function the same as any other in-game email, which is to say Kelly will be on your ass about it as soon as they arrive in your inbox.

Not every Cerberus Daily News story was turned into an email for two very good reasons: "first, there were about five times as many articles as there were missions in the game, so there was no way to realistically space them out to simulate the passage of time; second, coupled with the emails already in the original game, including them all would mean drowning the player in somewhere around 8-15 emails after every single mission."

The emails you’ll get mostly revolve around major plot points foreshadowing stuff that happens in ME2’s DLC and ME3. You’ll get emails from GBC News, a front for Cerberus that’s mentioned in Shadow Broker. You’ll also get about 10 new emails created by Cirosan which add a little bit of flavor following certain in-game events.

You can install Cerberus Daily News Emails to an existing Mass Effect Legendary Edition save file and the emails will just all arrive at once for the ones that you should have received already. Future emails will arrive on schedule. Head over to Nexus Mods for the download.

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