Mass Effect Legendary Edition: Should You Choose Legendary Or Classic Mode?

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition takes the Shepard trilogy and packs it all together with over 40 DLC packs into a remastered and refined package. One of the changes that the Legendary Edition offers from the original games is a new Level Scaling mode, so the games now offer two choices — Classic or Legendary.

When you are starting up your game for the first time, you’re going to have to decide which one is right for you, so we’ve put together a quick rundown of the difference between the two modes.

If you change your mind mid-playthrough, you can change the Level Scaling mode at any time from within the options menu and it will auto-adjust your level.

  • Classic Mode: This is similar to the original games in that it offers a 1-60 level range. However, while the original games would require a couple of playthroughs to reach this level cap, the Legendary Edition has tweaked the experience points earned so that players will level a little faster and it seems that you’ll be able to reach this in one playthrough (if you earn enough experience points).
  • Legendary Mode: This cuts the original level cap in half and offers a 1-30 level range. However, each level requires more experience points in order to level up. You’ll still be able to reach the level cap in one playthrough, providing that you earn enough experience points.

The experience points earned and talent points progression while playing remains the same whichever mode you choose. Essentially, the only real difference is the number displayed for your level.

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