Metroid Prime Remaster "F-ed Up The Doors" According To Original Dev

Metroid Prime Remastered was announced during last night’s Nintendo Direct, and not only that, it arrived on Switch that very same night. Fans have had a chance to dive into a visually remade Tallon IV and most are impressed with what Nintendo has been able to do with the Switch’s limited hardware.

But not everyone. Zoid Kirsch, one of the original developers on Metroid Prime, had some harsh criticism for whoever worked on the remaster’s doors (with thanks to Eurogamer for the spot).

"They fucked up the doors in the re-mastered Metroid Prime!" Kirsch wrote. "They have the wrong alpha level on the door shields. Left is original, second is re-mastered. I tend to be a bit picky about this since I literally spent months working on the doors. This should be fixed."

You can definitely tell there's a big difference between the two sets of doors. On the left, you can make out details of the hinges that twist open when you shoot the door. On the right, all those details are washed out by the shield's blue glow.

Perhaps taking flack from fans, Kirsch's follow-up tweet softened its tone and offered praise for the remasters visuals. "Following up–the re-master is amazingly well done. The improvements to Samus and the boss models are awesome. I just noticed this particular change that stood out from the original. It's still a wonderful re-master and should be played and enjoyed."

Most fans are indeed happy with the remaster's visuals, although some in the comments noted that the mirror has been removed from Chozo Ruins. Fans will surely spot more differences in the weeks ahead.

With Metroid Prime remastered, Nintendo is surely working on the rest of the Prime Trilogy, but what about a fourth Metroid Prime game? That might be in the wind as Amazon briefly listed Metroid Prime 4 on its store page before last night's Direct. That listing was soon taken down, but it could be a sign of things to come.

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