Minecraft Mirror Room Looks Stunning With RTX Turned On

Minecraft is a game that only gets better with age. Between mods from the community and massive updates from the developer, Minecraft is arguably more fun now than at any time in its history. And – thanks to the addition of RTX – it even looks like a next-gen title. In fact, one player decided to show off the decade-old game’s stunning graphics by making a room out of mirrors and turning on the new RTX option.

Prepare to be blown away.

Using some “Red Nether Bricks” and a Lapis Lazuli Block, the player creates a tiny room surrounded by reflective surfaces. They then throw in a few more illuminating blocks to create a neon wonderland that continues as far as the eye can see. It’s a pretty trippy illusion and one that’s definitely pushing the processing power of the player’s computer. You can check it out below:

The mirrors used in the footage are part of a resource pack developed by Nvidia to show off the game’s ray-tracing capabilities. You can grab it for your own game by visiting the Minecraft Marketplace. Just be careful with how you use it – the resource pack is sure to put a strain on your GPU. For reference, the above clip was captured on a rig with a 3060 Ti.

The graphical upgrade no doubt breathes new life into the aging game, and it’ll be exciting to see how the community takes advantage of the next-gen feature.

The RTX option in Minecraft officially launched last month on Windows 10. Nvidia celebrated the milestone by announcing two custom-built worlds, showing off what the technology is capable of. One of them is dubbed “Colosseum RTX,” which gives you a look at the iconic structure in its “glory days during the Roman Empire.” The other is “Dungeon Dash RTX,” which gives you a set of challenges to work through while roaming the medieval countryside.

Both of them are stunning, but they pale in comparison to the mighty Mirror Room.

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