Mobile RPG Disney Twisted-Wonderland Gets North American Launch Date

Disney Twisted-Wonderland is coming to the US and Canada. The game was originally launched in Japan as a free-to-play mobile title back in March 2020 where it quickly gathered over a million players. Now, Aniplex USA is hoping to achieve the same success in North America.

The game is a unique take on Disney's iconic villains. After tumbling through a magic portal, the player finds themselves at Night Raven College, an academy that's trailing young mages that all bear a striking resemblance to the big bads of various Disney films. Villains like Hades, Ursula, Jafar, Scar, Maleficent, Cruella, and more are all reinterpreted as either students or instructors at this college using the visual style of manga artist Yana Toboso (best known for the Black Butler series).

Twisted-Wonderland combines rhythm mechanics, classic turn-based battles, and card collecting to tell original stories using new characters in an episodic fashion. Finishing episodes unlocks more characters as cards and provides items and materials to level them up. As with most free-to-play games, there are both in-game and real-world currencies to make purchases.

Although it looks like an otome game from all the gender-bent Disney villains, it's not a dating simulator. However, you do get to chat with characters and learn their backstories the further you progress.

Disney Twisted-Wonderland includes quite a lot of voice talent from big stars in Japan, including Natsuki Hanae of Demon Slayer fame, Koki Uchiyama from Haikyu!! and Fate/Zero, and Atsushi Tamaru of The Asterisk War. Aniplex made no mention of an English dub, so expect to hear these voices but with English text.

Pre-registration is open now with the game officially launching on January 20 for iOS and Android. You can sign up now to qualify for some free goodies that get bigger and better the more people pre-register.

Disney is also looking to turn Twisted-Wonderland into an actual anime, too. Expect to hear more about that sometime next year.

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