Modern Warfare 2 Player Spots An Actual Ghost In The Game

Ghost is perhaps the most popular character from the Call of Duty IP. There's Soap, Mason, and Price of course – but it takes a lot to beat a guy who used to wear a skull balaclava, and now an actual freaking skull on his face. Plus, he's a sniper, and as we all know, snipers ooze coolness. And, while the CoD universe features zombies, actual ghosts are far from canon. However, it appears that a particular map in Modern Warfare 2 may be haunted.

Usually, when we talk about such kinds of stories, it always ends up being some sort of silly glitch, or an NPC model getting scrunched up to look weird. But this particular case actually looks like it involves some sort of paranormal activity. A video posted on the Modern Warfare 2 Subreddit by Neon_Moons suggests that the Taraq map may be haunted (thanks, GameRant).

As the person in the video explains, while entering a dilapidated building located on the map, the player happened to glance at a dark and eerie figure dangling upside down from above the door frame. Upon turning around though, the figure disappeared. Thankfully, the player was recording at the time, and played the video back to reveal a proper look at this figure.

We're not entirely sure what it is. There are no other players or characters around, so it couldn't be a model randomly glitching out. The figure is also fully shrouded in black, with no identifiable features, unlike any of the character models from the game. It simply drops down and dangles for a few seconds before disappearing into thin air.

This is indeed pretty spooky, but the comments section doesn't appear to care about it. Mostly because the comments are fixated on the narrator's voice for some reason.

While this is scary, nothing is scarier than a skilled player. It seems that some Warzone 2 players have figured out a neat strategy to give them an edge when fighting in the game's Gulag. Some quick distractions and a bit of platforming can get you to an easy vantage point to snipe your enemies from.

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