Monster Hunter Rise: 10 Tips For New Players

Looking for a game with enticing combat, a fabulous art style, and tense boss battles? The Monster Hunter franchise might be right up your alley. With Monster Hunter Rise now out in the wild, there’s an opportunity for Nintendo Switch owners to hop into Capcom’s popular monster-slaying franchise.

This franchise has an avid following of hunters that live to track, capture, and carve monsters in an endless loop of growth and progression. It’s an addictive experience that new and old fans can enjoy. It can be a bit daunting for rookie players, though, so these tips should help those venturing out into the Monster Hunter world for the first time.

Always Eat Dango Before A Hunt

One of the most important parts of being a monster hunter is making sure that you’ll be prepared for a tough fight. Whether it’s your first hunt or your hundredth, you’ve got to stop and eat before leaving the hub.

Head over to Steelworks and sit down at the giant tree table crawling with Palicos to order some Dango. Here you’ll be able to choose from a list of boons that will make the upcoming hunt easier. It’ll also raise your max health and stamina.

Try Out Multiple Weapons

With 14 different weapon types to choose from, it may take some experimenting to determine which is the best fit for your playstyle. The only way to find out what works for you is to try these tools out in the field. If you prefer a slow but powerful blade, the greatsword is an excellent option. It’ll stun monsters and dish out substantial damage.

Looking for something a bit quicker? The Dual Blades are excellent for players that prefer to move quickly. Feel free to master more than one weapon type because certain tools are better depending on your situation. We even have several beginner-friendly choices listed here.

Bring Potions, Rations, And Supplies

Hunting monsters is no easy task. These giant beasts will always put up a fight, and they hit hard. That’s why it’s paramount that you bring a handful of healing and recovery items. Before heading out, stop by an item box and refill your potions, rations, traps, and ammo.

Failing to keep track of your item pouch contents could result in a quick death when fighting monsters. When there are three deaths in the field, the hunt automatically fails, so keep an eye on your health and patch yourself up when you need to.

Upgrade Weapons As Often As You Can

A hunter is only as good as his weapon. That’s why it’s important to visit the Smithy and upgrade weapons so that they’re more effective in battle. Stop by and check out the weapon trees for your preferred weapon, analyzing what components you’ll need to craft gear. This should help determine what monsters you should be hunting.

If you’re short on Nargacuga Cutwings, you’ll have to hunt the monster down until you scrounge up these pieces. Try to have a handful of weapons that will work in different situations, as these items often come with different elements, affinities, and strengths.

Prep Your Animal Companions

When heading into a hunt, you’ll want to make sure your Palamutes and Palicos are just as prepared as you are. Head over to the Buddy Smithy and outfit your pals with some armor and weapons of their own. You can find this worker right next to Smithy.

You’ll always be able to take one of these two animal companions with you into battle, so don’t forget to upgrade them too.

Use Your WireBug

One of the most important tools hunters have in Monster Hunter Rise is their Wirebug. This creature allows characters to zip around the map, evade attacks, and even enact unique moves called Switch Skills. Press ZL to bring up the Wirebug menu and use ZR, X, or Y to use Wirebug movement.

Head over to the Item Box and select a Switch Skill for your weapon that fits your playstyle. These attacks are quick, strong, and decisive in battle. Learning how to apply the Wirebug will be essential when aiming to become a top hunter.

Practice Combos

Not sure what attacks you have at your disposal as a hunter? Head over to the Training Area to see a list of combos for your weapon. Players can find the Training Area by heading to the dock in the Buddy Plaza.

Here players can practice their moves on a dummy, seeing several combos and damage output for each of their attacks. It’s an excellent tool for those looking to hone their skills or get a feel for their weapon.

Remember To Carve Monsters At The End Of A Hunt

Fighting a monster can be a tenuous task; the intense battles between man and beast can seem arduous at times. When the monster finally falls, you may even find yourself letting out a sigh of relief.

While these are natural reactions for a new player, always remember to find the slain monster’s body and carve it by holding the A button. You’ll need these parts for crafting and upgrades. Don’t let this tough hunt be a wasted effort!

Keep Your Weapon Sharp With A Whetstone

When you’re fighting a monster, the sharpness of your weapon is critical. A sharp weapon can cut through the body of a monster, while a dull blade will often bounce off. Use your whetstone to keep your weapon sharp. Players can select the whetstone by holding the L button and scrolling until the golden logo appears in the bottom corner.

You’ll start sharpening the weapon once you select the action with the Y button, so make sure you’re a safe distance away from your monster adversaries.

Get A Full Armor Set For Added Bonuses

Getting a full set of armor does more than making your character look cool; it grants players a set of bonuses as well. Depending on what armor set players wear, they’ll receive passive boosts to their stats or even skills.

These may raise the resistances that each character has or improve the defense or a character. Try to set your sights on an armor set you like and track down the materials necessary for each piece.

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