Monster Hunter Rise: How To Craft Layered Armor

Monster Hunter Rise’s Free Title Update 2.0 is finally available, and has brought with it a whole host of brand new features and creatures to your favourite monster slaying experience.

Along with several vicious creatures and a whole host of new quests for you to work your way through, MH Rise has also – finally – introduced Layered Armour, which allows you to craft a unique cosmetic-only version of any armour set, which you can wear over your normal armour, allowing you to look however you want, with the stats you’ve worked hard to build.

If you want to strut your fashionable stuff in MHR, then this guide is for you. We’re going to break down the materials you need to craft fashionable equipment for both yourself and your Palico and Palamute buddies, so you can go into battle looking fresh and amazing, ready for the Camera.

How To Forge Layered Armor For Your Hunter

Forging Layered Armour for your Hunter is a pretty simple task, and much like most things, the Blacksmith will be able to help you with that. Once you talk to the Blacksmith and ask to “Forge/Upgrade Armor” you will be able to select “Forge Layered Armor” in the sub menu.

Many, many of the Layered Armour pieces available to forge will be forged simply with a little bit of Zenny (money) and some Outfit Vouchers. Outfit Vouchers can be earned by completing High Rank quests, so make sure to complete a few new quests before you get forging.

Some sets will require extra materials to craft, and the very pretty armour made of late-game monsters will also demand more Outfit Vouchers. You may need to grind Outfit Vouchers for those late-game gear sets.

The Layered Armour has no direct benefits to you other than looking good. You will receive zero stat boosts or elemental resistances – it’s just about having people in online lobbies thinking you look way better than you actually are. Or you can make your character look like junk and psyche your teammates out, whatever you decide.

How To Forge Layered Armor For Your Buddies

Now, it’s much less likely that you’ll be crafting specific Layered Armour sets for your buddies, unless you really, really want that matching aesthetic, because you can easily craft proper armour sets for your buddies fairly easily. For example, sure, you can craft a Narwa or Ibushi armour set for your Palico or Palamute – but you could just craft them the real thing, right?

You probably won’t be changing up the gear of your buddies very often, unless you’re specifically aiming to grind out a certain monster and need every little advantage that buddy armour can give you. But nevertheless, you can deck out your buddies in any outfit you want. This is fashion hunter now.

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