Monster Hunter Rise: Most Important Side Quests To Complete

Monster Hunter Rise has a variety of quests for you to jump into, and it can be tough to decide which to focus on. At first I’m sure you’ll be hammering away at the primary Village and Hub quests, but if you neglect your list of Side Quests for too long, you will regret it.

Side Quests are often fetch quests, requiring you to gather specific items from the various areas in MH Rise, and you will exchange them for precious upgrades, such as new dango, or more submarines for the Argosy.

Here we’re going to break down the most important Side Quests in the game. If you’re going to ignore Side Quests, just make sure not to glance over these, otherwise you will regret it.

Yomogi’s Dango Enhancement Quests

Yomogi will often offer up quests that will either enhance or create entirely new dango for you to eat before battle. All of these are very important, especially when it comes to crafting ideal loadouts and builds for farming High Rank monsters later in the game. Make sure to complete these Side Quests as they come to keep on top of the situation.

List Of Yomogi Side Quests

  • Thick, Gooey Dango
  • Bunny Dango – With Eggs!

Rondine’s Argosy Submarine Expansion Quests

The Argosy will send out submarines which you excess buddies can use to farm you extra materials, so you can focus on actually hunting the monsters in MHR. But one submarine is not enough – three is much better. You will eventually unlock these quests to get more submarines, and you should complete them ASAP. Luckily, we have guides for both.

List Of Argosy Side Quests

  • Cultural Exchange
  • Economic Stimulation

Kagero’s Sub Camp Quests

Once you discover ideal sub-camp locations in the areas of MH Rise you will get a side quest to complete for each, and on completion, your sub-camp will be instantly built. We have a guide to find all sub-camp locations, but actually completing the quests might be a bit tougher.

List Of Sub Camp Quests

  • Shrine Ruins Sub-Camp Security
  • Frost Islands Sub-Camp Security
  • Frost Islands Sub-Camp Materials
  • Flooded Forest Sub-Camp Security
  • Sandy Plains Sub-Camp Security
  • Sandy Plains Sub-Camp Materials
  • Lava Caverns Sub-Camp Security
  • Lava Caverns Sub-Camp Materials

Canyne Master Inukai’s Quests

Not all of Canyne Master Inukai’s quests should be considered essential, but the extra gear he makes available for your Palamute is invaluable, especially the parasol. These will be ideal for builds to use against specific monsters in the late game.

List Of Palamute Gear Quests

  • Deliver Palamute Gear Materials
  • Palamute Gear Mass Production
  • Pala-marketing Support
  • How To Train Your Palamute
  • Master Palamute Trainer

Senior Hunter Hanenaga’s Great Wirebug Quests

Your Great Wirebugs are actually limited, so you can’t spread Great Wirebugs to every cluster of lilies you find in the various areas in MH Rise. Luckily you’ll get a bunch from Senior Hunter Hanenaga, and by the time you’ve solved his quests you’ll be able to populate every lily patch with Great Wirebugs.

List Of Great Wirebug Quests

  • Endemic Life: Rock Lizard
  • 20 Endemic Lifeforms Discovered!
  • 30 Endemic Lifeforms Discovered!

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