More Details For Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s "40-Hour God Of War-Style" DLC Have Leaked

As Ubisoft is poised to make a big announcement for Assassin's Creed Valhalla on Monday, a bunch of content for the upcoming DLC has already been leaked. The theories suggest that Monday's showcase will reveal the next DLC, Dawn of Ragnarok, and will see Eivor travel to the Norse mythological realm of Muspelheim.

The past few months have been riddled with hints and leaks about Muspelheim, as has this recent leak. A Reddit post by makisekurisudesu links to a few promotional images for the DLC on imgur. The first image reveals a few details about some of the new content coming with the update. According to a translation from simplified Chinese, the name of the DLC will be "Doomsday Dawn" which, if you know anything about Norse mythology, is pretty close to Dawn of Ragnarok.

Additional images reveal a new armour and weapon set inspired by a fusion of fire and ice. The eyepatch on the male and female character models of Eivor strongly suggest that the set is inspired by Odin. Eivor also appears to be wielding a new spear of some kind; we know it's not Odin's legendary spear Gungnir, as it can be acquired by players in the base game itself.

Another one of the images shows Eivor atop a boar, looking out at Asgard. However, the realm, as well as the World Tree Yggdrasil, appear to be covered by some kind of red blight. This could be a signal to the onset of Ragnarok.

Ubisoft hasn't clarified what the announcement on Monday will be about, but considering the wording of the tweet – "There is more to see than Midgard in Assassin's Creed Valhalla" – and the numerous leaks, it will be surprising if the realm of Muspelheim is not revealed.

We also reported that Valhalla will soon be getting a "40-Hour God of War-style" DLC sometime in March 2022. Tom Henderon, is usually spot on with his inside information, but it's unclear what "God of War-style" entails. The developer is also currently working on an update that will drastically reduce the size of the game. This "data restructuring" update will free up around 44GB of free space.

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