MTG’s Phyrexia Concept Art Gives New Look At Praetor And Compleated Planeswalker Designs

Principal concept artist Jehan Choo has shared a slew of Magic: The Gathering art on their personal Instagram, featuring compleated Planeswalkers like Ajani as well Norn-controlled Praetors such as Jin-Gitaxias.

The latter came with an interesting tidbit about their design, finally answering the question, "Why did Jin-Gitaxias wear pants?" Choo answered, "We wanted to hide some sign that Norn was commanding all the Praetors, but I felt it was a bit too early to be super obvious with Jin, so he's actually hiding his Nornish augment under those swaggy pants. But also, maybe he just really likes Japanese fashion."

Jin has a synthetic, cold, and mechanical appearance, mixing together machine and flesh to create an uncanny monster, but there are several characters who appear more regal, adorned with white armour and flowing red fabrics. We see this with Ajani, who many in the comments sang praises of despite the heartbreaking story behind someone who is many's favourite character.

They also shared concept art of Sheoldred, who usually appears as a giant half-woman, half-monstrous insect, usually sporting spiked back legs and a second, larger, toothy mouth beneath her torso. This is still present in Choo's art, but it's masked by similar flowing red fabrics and white armour, which luckily cover up and obscure that disgusting beast she's merged with, making it look more like she's riding it into battle.

"I didn't even realize they went with this Sheoldred design because it's so tiny on @chrisrahnart's card!" Choo wrote. "You can see elements of Norn's influence over the Praetors… Wonder if that includes massive power creep for their cards as well".

It's an interesting insight into how Magic: The Gathering artwork is put together, careful to avoid spoiling twists in the story while bringing characters to life all over again, whether they're been assimilated into what is essentially Magic's answer to Doctor Who's Cybermen or if they're under the control of the master manipulator herself, The Mother of Machines.

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