MultiVersus Director Teases New Character That He’s Never "Seen Done Before"

MultiVersus' director has teased a character is being added to the game that he's never "seen done before".

July marks the launch of MultiVersus' open beta, although we're not sure exactly when in the month we can expect it to begin. As players (mostly) wait patiently for an official announcement, the game's director Tony Huynh has been keeping them up to date on the game's development, including teasing that work has nearly concluded on several characters, one of which Huynh claims to have never been seen done in the genre before.

Huynh regularly gives updates on MultiVersus' development and has recently been teasing that work on The Iron Giant is nearly complete. It seems that the team has moved several characters beyond The Iron Giant however, as Huynh has now started teasing two separate ones that we don't know anything about, one of which that seems particularly unique.

On the mystery character, Huynh said, "The character after Iron Giant, from a gameplay mechanics standpoint is really cool and not something I’ve ever seen done before. Sorry for the tease, but needed to tell someone." When asked if this character was the same one that Huynh had previously said that development was nearly finished with, he clarified that it was another one altogether, meaning that we'll likely see three new characters for the open beta.

As to who the character might be, thanks to MultiVersus datamines we can reasonably guess that he might be referring to either LeBron James or Rick Sanchez, as those two have been leaked for some time and seem to be the closest to being included in the open beta, judging by the amount of data for them.

Although we can't know what character Huynh is talking about and it could be someone entirely new, if it is Rick or LeBron then we actually do know a little about their movesets thanks to leaks. Rick mostly uses projeciles and can create portals for allies, while LeBron's moveset seems centred on basketball moves and the use of an in-game basketball item.

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