MultiVersus’ Founder’s Passes Will Leave The Store During Season 1

MultiVersus' director Tony Huynh has revealed that the Founder's Passes won't be sticking around forever, although he also says that players will get plenty of warning when they'll be leaving.

When MultiVersus launched last week in early access, many players noticed that the best way to get characters was to purchase one of the Founder's Passes, which give a limited number of character tokens that can be used to buy fighters without gold in a similar manner to Brawlhalla's character pass.

Tony Huynh, the director of MultiVersus, has confirmed that the Founder's Passes won't always be available for purchase and will leave the shop at some point in the future. Huynh didn't give a date as to when they might disappear, but he confirmed that it'll be during season one, which starts running on August 9. Huynh also said that players will be given plenty of warning before they go.

Huynh said, "For Founder's Packs leaving the store, it'll be sometime in Season 1. We'll give lots of warning before they go away", confirming that they'll be limited-time items. Although the name "founder's pass" might have been making this clear from the start, many MultiVersus players aren't too happy to see them go, as they're currently the best way to earn all of the game's characters without purchasing them with real money individually or grinding the game for gold.

For those who don't know, Founder's Passes come in three different packs, each one getting a bit more expensive and having more character tokens and items inside. The most expensive of the passes will give you 30 character tokens, meaning that you're covered for the next 15 characters in the game post-launch.

Whether the Founder's Pass might be replaced with some kind of character pass that gives access to every character as they release isn't clear, but Player First Games has never indicated that such a thing will exist, so if you're sure that you're going to want every character on the MultiVersus roster, it might be best to buy it sometime during the game's first season.

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