MultiVersus Is Permanently Adding Ranked Mode Next Week

With the news that Season 2 of MultiVersus has been extended by more than a month to March 31, fans have been desperate for something new to get stuck into to pass the time. Most people have been crying out for a new character, but MultiVersus developer Player First has managed to deliver the next best thing, as the highly-requested Ranked Mode will finally be added to the game permanently as part of the game's next update.

Over the course of Season 2, Player First has been letting players try out Ranked Mode for a little while before pulling it again for extra tweaks. However, it now seems like the mode is good to go and will be rolled out at some point next week, although a specific date has not been announced just yet. Better yet, MultiVersus seems to have listened to player feedback and banned, as reliable dataminer LaisulMV tweeted shortly after the announcement that Ranked Mode will not allow double character teams.

For those still grinding out the Battle Pass or playing the occasional 2v2 game, this update will be a welcome relief. Even the most ardent defenders of the game have come to realise that MultiVersus has been running out of steam for quite some time, losing large portions of its playerbase month after month. With something new to jump into on the horizon, fans are satiated for now, but hopefully we'll get a new character sooner rather than later.

As for who that might be, both Samurai Jack and Pickle Rick were found to have files currently in the game, while voice lines and sound effects for The Joker have been included for quite some time now. Those are some exciting prospects at the moment, although MultiVersus fans are so starved for new content that the addition of John from the house next door could probably whip up a frenzy.

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