My Time At Portia: How To Get Old Parts

My Time At Portia is all about building things, from bridges to water towers. But the game doesn't just hand you every crafting material you require. You have to gather all of the resources yourself. Things like wood and stone are simple to find, but some other materials are a lot more elusive.

Old Parts, for instance, aren't just left lying out in the open. You need to go to specific places or do certain things to find them. All of that is documented in this guide, alongside what you can do with the Old Parts when you get them.

Ways To Get Old Parts

The game provides you with several different ways to gather Old Parts:

  • Find In Abandoned Ruins – Early in the game, the Abandoned Ruins will be where you find many of your materials, including Old Parts. You can use the Relic Detector to track them down. Alternatively, it's possible to locate them in Parts Boxes which are also within the Abandoned Ruins.
  • Find In Sewage Plant – The Sewage is also a ruin, but it's certainly not abandoned. There are plenty of things inside the place that'll hurt you, such as Masked Fiends. When defeated, these enemies can sometimes drop Old Parts if you're lucky. They can also be found in the wooden crates that are around the Plant.
  • Become Buddies With Merlin – While Merlin isn't one of the many people you can romance in the game, there are still benefits to improving your relationship with them. After becoming buddies with the Research Director, she occasionally sends you Old Parts.
  • Find In Lucky Sacks – You can purchase Lucky Sacks from the Mysterious Man. And these things are just as mysterious as the man who sells them. The contents are hidden until you open the sack up, and they may contain some Old Parts.
  • Recycle Certain Items – Once you craft a Recycle Machine, you can break items down to acquire other resources. To get Old Parts, recycle a Fan, Massage Chair, Printing Press, Or Small Clock.

Uses Of Old Parts

If you're looking for Old Parts, you probably have a specific use for them in mind. However, there may be a better way to utilize them. Here is everything you can do with the resource:

  • Use As Gift – As with most items, you can gift Old Parts to people. Naturally, it's not the most beloved present in the game. However, Ack appreciates the gesture, and it boosts your relationship with the AI, which can help you acquire their services.
  • Trade With The Mysterious Man – When the Mysterious Man comes to the area, you can trade your Old Parts with him. In exchange, he gives you Small Engines, which are important in crafting.
  • Construct Worktables – If you want to go to A&G Construction to upgrade your worktable, you need some Old Parts. Five of them are required for the level two worktable, whereas 30 are needed for the level three version.
  • Use To Craft – Plenty of crafting recipes include Old Parts. Wall lights, Control Panels, and Water Wheels are just a few of the things that require that specific material.

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