My Time at Portia Romance Guide

My Time at Portia is a wonderful game that has tons of character interactions for you to indulge in. Many of the characters in town are even able to be married as Portia has one of the biggest dating rosters ever seen in a simulation title.

The system is also a bit different than normal as dates and interactions with your partner will play an important part in raising their heart level. Even the act of proposing can be a bit difficult since there is only one way to get a wedding ring in the game. To help you get started dating, the guide below is here to walk you through everything you need to know about having a relationship in the game.

How To Get Married In My Time At Portia

Marriage in My Time at Portia is fairly easy once you know what you're doing. Here is what you need to do to raise the heart level of the characters in the game:

  • Give them gifts, especially if it's their birthday
  • Take them on successful dates and memorize their favorite orders at the restaurant.
  • Talk to them daily
  • Increase the heart level of the characters who are close to them.

Once you have increased their heart level to four hearts, you can confess to characters using Heart Knots from Alice's Flower Shop. Afterward, you can unlock interactions that can give you additional boosts to friendship. You can date as many characters as you like, but if you are caught interacting with them or going on a date with another character, you will lose 50 points from the character you're on the date with and 30 from the character who found you. If at any time you want to break up with a character simply buy a withered branch from Alice's shop and give it to them.

Once you reach eight hearts with a character you can propose to them by giving them a wedding ring. The wedding ring can only be bought from the mysterious salesman who visits Portia on days 1 and 27 of the season. In addition to the ring, you will also need to upgrade your house to level two to get married and some characters will have quests to complete before they will accept your proposal. Divorce is an option in Portia, if you wish to get divorced then present your partner with a broken mirror from the mysterious salesman. This will not only cause you to lose points with your partner, but the characters in their network will like you less as well.

  • Quick Tip: It is possible to remarry a character after divorcing them and the game even gives some characters unique dialogue about the remarriage.

How To Have Children In Portia

Once you have successfully gotten married, you have completed the first step towards having children in the game. Here is the list of things you need to do in order to have your first baby:

  • Upgrade your house to level four.
  • Get your partner to twelve hearts.
  • Buy either a cradle or two-person bed.

Once you complete these choices, you should have an option appear that lets you agree to have a baby with your spouse if you are a opposite-sex couple. Once you or your partner is pregnant, dialogue about the female being pregnant will pop up.In addition, if your character is female you can tell as you will have a 30 point debuff to your defense and stamina stats until the baby is born.

If you are a same-sex couple, then you can head to the Church of Life to apply for adoption after your partner agrees with the option. Regardless of the way you go about having a child, it will take about two weeks to get a baby.

  • Quick Tip: If you divorce your spouse in the middle of a pregnancy or adoption, then the game will not give you a child.

Children in Portia do not grow up, but you can interact with them and they will have a heart meter much like any other character in the game. You can have a total of two children in My Time at Portia. Once you have children, they will not leave your home even if you decide to divorce your spouse. In addition, the features of the child will be randomized depending on what you look and your spouse look like unless you adopt. Adopted children will be completely random.

Marriage Candidates In My Time At Portia

My Time at Portia has a massive pool of marriage candidates to choose from. There are 28 candidates in all, with 18 being bachelors and nine being bachelorettes. Below are all the characters available for marriage in the game:


  • Aadit
  • Albert
  • Antione
  • Arlo
  • Django
  • Erwa
  • Gust
  • Liuwa
  • Mint
  • Paulie
  • Oaks
  • Qiwa
  • Remington
  • Sanwa
  • Siwa
  • Tody
  • Wuwa
  • Xu


  • Alice
  • Emily
  • Ginger
  • Lucy
  • Mei
  • Nora
  • Petra
  • Phyliss
  • Sam
  • Sonia

Is There Gay Marriage in My Time at Portia?

Yes, you are free to date and marry whoever you choose with no restrictions based on your gender. This won't bar you from having kids either, and the relationships are treated the same regardless of who you choose to date!

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