NBA 2K20 Ratings Countdown: Start times for next 2K20 player ratings coming today

In case anyone’s been on holiday, it’s been a busy couple of weeks for NBA 2K, although we can certainly see it getting more hectic in the weeks ahead.

Last week we spoke to cover star Anthony Davis about what the addition of the WNBA means to the 2K series and the sport as a whole, while we also discussed his gaming habits and more.

Last week when the first image of Lebron James and Anthony Davis was shared, players expressed disappointment that the game didn’t appear to be as big of a step up as expected.

Maybe we’ll have to wait for next-gen PS4 and Xbox Scarlett consoles before we’ll feel like we can reach out and touch the players.

NBA 2K20 launches on 6th of September, while the publisher’s other big game Borderlands 3 lands a week later on the 13th. Some month for the folks at 2K indeed!

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