New Gameplay Today – Gears 5 Escape Mode

From Horde and Campaign to a full competitive multiplayer suite, Gears 5 is bringing all of the mainstay features players have come to expect from a Gears of War game. Yesterday, we got a glimpse of the new Escape mode, a challenging 3-player cooperative experience where you’re tasked with planting a bomb and getting out of a hive before it’s flooded with poison gas.

I got my hands on the mode and recorded my playthrough. While you can read my written impressions and interview with studio head Rod Fergusson here, you can now watch my entire ill-fated playthrough of Escape mode.

Join Ben Hanson and me as we dive into the new Escape mode.You’ll learn all about what the mode is, who the characters are, and why they’re intentionally getting captured by the Swarm. Oh, you’ll also see my character get brutally murdered. I’m sorry.

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