New Legend Horizon Stranded in Space in Latest Apex Legends Teaser Video

Apex Legends has released another Season 7 teaser video, with the latest showing suspected new legend Horizon seemingly stranded in space. The 33-second video was released yesterday on Twitter, spanning longer than the previous seven and ten-second teasers. While the last two teasers’ origins were listed as “unknown,” this one confirms Dr. Mary Somers’ appearance.

Through the teaser’s distorted video, the Scottish scholar can be seen working on her robot sidekick, Newt. Horizon says she’s been “in here going on five months,” which appears to mean she’s been stranded in her spaceship for nearly half a year. She says she’s “scared to do the maths on what that time means back home,” implying she’s somewhere very far from home.

Throughout the video, Horizon can be heard mentioning a loved one, friend, or significant other back home. She first says she “wonders what he’s doing now,” later commenting on “what [she] wouldn’t give to be home, clean, and just with him” just before the video ends.

Horizon appears to be looking for a way to get home, using Newt and Branthium, a familiar yet mysterious word for Apex Legends players. Once widely believed to be a place within the Apex universe, Horizon seems to confirm Branthium is a substance, or element. Branthium was first mentioned back in Season 5, when Ash stated that “all roads lead to Branthium.”

While the teaser doesn’t give us a clear look at what Branthium really is, Horizon says she needs to “figure out a way to fuse the Branthium without critical mass.” Should Dr. Somers succeed in doing this, she may be able to find a way to get home. Branthium may have certain properties that make it extremely useful in space travel.

Horizon’s ties to Ash were strengthened in the previous teaser, in which Horizon could be heard saying, “Just a wee bit of betrayal [static], eh dearie?” This again calls back to the Season 5 missions, where Ash once mentioned Branthium and said that exact sentence, filling in the static-distorted part with “before breakfast.”

The previous video teaser was marked as the 36th video log, while the first was listed as the second. The latest is titled Video Log 148, with no telling how high the total number of video entries may go.

Horizon is expected to join the Apex Legends roster in Season 7, which is set to go live sometime in November.

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