New Medal of Honor VR Patch Improves Performance And More

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond didn’t have the smoothest launch with its enormous install size requirement, beefy system requirements, and mixed reception. This latest patch (v1.21.0) piles on lots of adjustments and new fixes.

Overall I don’t think it’s a bad game — I awarded it 3/5 rating in my review — but it certainly faltered in plenty of areas. While none of these updates fundamentally alter the game that much, there are some welcomed additions here. Users can now actually tweak their video settings more precisely to hopefully improve performance and missions should start more quickly with less waiting around.

The patch should auto-update in your client, it installed for me via Oculus Home earlier today. Here is the full list of all changes and updates in the patch notes:


New Option for Controller-Oriented Movement

Added an option to base movement off of the controller’s direction instead of the player’s view direction.

In the Options menu, choose the “VR Comfort” section, and set “Movement Orientation” to “Controller.”


New Video Options

You’ll find these in the Options menu, in the “Audio/Video” section.

Texture Streaming: 400MB, 700MB, 1000MB, 2000MB, or Auto.

Texture Filtering Level: Anisotropic 1x, 2x, 4x, or 8x • Anti-Aliasing Mode: MSAA 2x, MSAA 4x, Temporal AA, or Off.

Anti-Aliasing Quality: Low, Medium, High, or Default Even More Streamlined Gameflow.

We removed the need to pull the trigger at the start of every campaign segment.

Levels now start playing as soon as the title card comes up.


Star Ranks Off by Default for New Players

The stars that draw over enemy heads in the Campaign are now Off by default for new players.

Existing players will keep whatever setting they last used.

As always, star ranks are in the Options menu. Choose the “Campaign” section, and setting “Enemy Rank” to “Disabled” or “Enabled.”


Arm Sleeves Now Hide When Close to Player Eyes

The sleeves on the player’s arms no longer show when brought close to the eyes.

This fixes the issue of looking down the sights with an eye opposite to the player’s dominant hand, e.g. aiming with the left eye when right-hand dominant.


Other Changes:

NPC eye logic improved.

Improved server performance in multiplayer matches.

Lowered grip sensitivity when using Valve Index controllers.

Fixed zoom controls on scoped weapons when launching the game through Steam.

Fixed a glitch when re-opening the Multiplayer in-game menu.

Fixed a rare crash that could trigger from switching party leaders in Multiplayer.

Fixed a “Connection to server timed out” issue when trying to play Mad Bomber.

Various updates and fixes for localized text.

Additional under the hood fixes and optimizations.

Do you feel like this has made a difference for you? Let us know down in the comments below!

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