New Pokemon Snap: Every Pokemon In Shiver Snowfields (Night)

After successfully leveling up the day variant of Shiver Snowfields in New Pokemon Snap, you’ll gain access to Shiver Snowfields (Night), which features the exact same layout but with different Pokemon. This occurs about midway through the Durice arc, which starts after you’ve collected Illumina orbs for Fireflow Volcano, Elsewhere Forest, and Lental Undersea.

While there are some roster changes between the day and night variants of Shiver Snowfields, they’re not quite as prevalent as they are in certain other biomes. Still, there are some fan-favourite ‘mons that can only be found in Shiver Snowfields (Night), meaning this is a level you should explore every nook and cranny of, especially if you’re planning on completing your Photodex.

Here’s a complete list of every Pokemon in Shiver Snowfields (Night), as well as where to find them and what rank they start appearing at. As always, we don’t repeat ‘mons at ranks higher than their origin rank – Furret is here regardless of what level you’re playing at, so we’re only listing it in rank one and are reserving ranks two and three for new additions to the roster.

List Of Pokemon In Shiver Snowfields (Night) Rank 1

  • Mightyena – Mightyena spawns right at the beginning of the map and will always chase either Piplup or Delibird into a small, hollowed out tree trunk. There are a few in the intro section, all of whom eventually run to the middle part where the group of Mamoswine hangs out during the day.
  • Piplup – Gets chased by Mightyena at the start of the map. There are also a few Piplup hanging around near the teleportation point, either waving at you from the top of a hill, sledding along the ice on their bellies, cannonballing into a small pond, or annoying a sleeping Beartic.
  • Furret – Furret also appears right at the beginning, as well as in the middle section.
  • Alolan Sandslash – At night time Alolan Sandslash is on the same hill as during the day, except only its spines are visible. Hit it with fluffruit to wake it up. There are two more Alolan Sandslash in the middle section, also buried beneath the sand.
  • Snorunt – Hangs around at the back of the middle section, next to the cliff, and in the cavern towards the end section.
  • Braviary – Flies around the start and middle sections. At higher ranks it will perch in the end section.
  • Frosmoth – In the colourful chasm in the middle section of the map, clinging to the wall where Vivillon is during the day. At higher ranks it appears to the right of the hill leading to the cavern and in the end section.
  • Delibird – Greets you at the spawn, climbs the hill where Mightyena howls in the middle section, and has its own little alcove in the middle cavern. At higher ranks you can see it in Glaceon’s second day location.
  • Mamoswine – Asleep at the end section of the map.
  • Abomasnow – Either on the hill above the first group of Snorunt with its back to you or beside Mamoswine.
  • Jynx – In the cavern on the left. There are three of them.
  • Vanilluxe – Floating next to Jynx.
  • Spheal – At the end section, just like during the day.
  • Alolan Vulpix – Next to Spheal.

List Of Pokemon In Shiver Snowfields (Night) Rank 2

  • Vivillon – Vivillon appears in the end section at night time, allowing for much better snaps than where it’s located during the day.

List Of Pokemon In Shiver Snowfields (Night) Rank 3

As it stands, we haven’t fully explored Shiver Snowfields (Night) at rank three and appear to be missing one last Pokemon. We’ll be playing lots of New Pokemon Snap over the weekend and will definitely have uncovered the final Pokemon by then, meaning this guide will be updated on or before Monday, May 3 to include the last rank three ‘mon in Shiver Snowfields (Night). Until then, happy snapping!

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