New Pokemon Snap: How To Unlock The Alternate Route In Lental Seafloor

New Pokemon Snap is finally among us, but that boulder in the Lental Undersea area is very sus. Near the start of the stage you may notice a passage blocked off by a boulder, and you may even notice a Clawitzer investigate it, if your Undersea level is high enough. But even this might not be enough to get through this alternate route.

This alternate route actually also blocks off the latter part of the game, including Shiver Snowfield, so unless you find a way through, you will never be able to play the later stages of the game. We can’t have that, so that’s why you need get this unblocked, and instead of wondering what to do for hours and wasting time in other levels, we’re going to break down exactly what you need to do straight away.

Just read through our instructions below and you’ll soon have access to all of the Lental Undersea stage, in addition to Shiver Snowfield and much more.

Why You Need To Unlock The Lental Undersea Alternate Route

As we’ve briefly covered above, this Undersea alternate route actually locks a whole bunch of the game behind it. While a majority of New Pokemon Snap will see you constantly unlocking new routes, stages, and abilities, that all comes to a stop once you unlock Lental Undersea, as the method to unlock the alternate route here is a bit less obvious than others, and you may find yourself stuck if you don’t know exactly what to do.

If you’ve come to a progress block in New Pokemon Snap and don’t know how to unlock the Beach (Night) route, or Shiver Snowfields, then this just might be exactly what you need to do.

How To Unblock The Cave And Discover The Alternate Route

Once you visit the stage Lental Seafloor it’ll start in a small coral clearing, and once you achieve level 2 on this stage, you will be able to see a Clawitzer appear in front of where you begin, and then it’ll swim ahead of you to explore the stage. Follow it with your camera, and you’ll see the Clawitzer attack the boulders that are blocking the cave, but fail and swim away.

The solution is probably pretty obvious: yes, you need to power up the Clawitzer with the Illumina Orb, and this will make it strong enough to blast through the boulders and open up the cave – at least it will. This method will not work for you immediately.

Unfortunately, you will only be able to power up the Clawitzer enough to open up the alternate route if you use an Illumina Orb on the Clawitzer while on Undersea level three. Yes, you will need to run through the standard route of the Undersea stage multiple times in order to get to level three, so keep snapping those pictures of Pokemon, and eventually, you’ll be able to unlock the alternate route through the stage.

How To Unlock Undersea Alternate Route

  • Stage Level 3
  • Use Illumina Orb on Clawitzer at the beginning of the stage

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