New The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Glitch Puts You In First-Person

A new glitch in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild lets you play in first-person, albeit not brilliantly given that you can’t see your hands, naturally. Found by Twitter user @Axk_000, this is done using the built-in camera for the game.

To swap perspectives, open the camera, switch to your inventory, hold some items in your hand, and then back out of the inventory screen to find that, while not in the camera, you’re still strapped to that first-person perspective.

It’s an interesting shift from the third-person view, and certainly highlights that the game isn’t designed for first-person whatsoever, but being able to wander around and take in the scenery more immersively surely adds to that peaceful beauty of Hyrule present in Breath of the Wild, even if it is just for a midnight jaunt without the monsters to drag you down.

Maybe Nintendo will patch this glitch out, but it’s not necessarily game-breaking, so who knows? Maybe it’ll stick. But for now, anybody can boot it up and give it a whirl – there’s no need for hacks, mods, or drastic, over-the-top, pixel-perfectly timed shenanigans. You don’t have to cram yourself into the side of a mountain and spin around until the perfect spot gets hit and it shoves you into Link’s goofy eyeballs to see as he does.

While easy to do and seemingly not all that useful, A.xk did find some value in the glitch by wandering around the forest, lighting braziers. It should be a touch easier to see these burning bright flame-holders while peering around in first-person,  zoomed-in. Perhaps there are some other practicalities to it, and with how speedrunners pull every single tool into their arsenal, maybe this glitch will provide them with another useful means to shave seconds. How? Not a clue, but speedrunners are something else.

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