New Uncharted Movie Photo Features Nathan Drake And Sully

The Uncharted movie may not be out until February 18, 2022, but there’s still the occasional tease of Tom Holland floating about as Nathan Drake. In the latest round of photos from the film, you get exactly one whole image, and it features both Sully and Drake.

After several delays, the Uncharted movie has finally settled upon a new date, but it’s no longer on Sony’s schedule until next year. Originally, the Holland-led film was supposed to hit theaters in 2021. Since then, a couple of photos have cropped up featuring Holland as Naughty Dog’s treasure hunting hero.

This latest photo comes from The New York Times, and it features Tom Holland as Nathan Drake and Mark Wahlberg as Sully. The duo appear to be up to their typical treasure-hunting escapades, but Mr. Wahlberg, where did your mustache go?

Wahlberg previously made headlines for his more Sully-esque look last year, when the actor donned a mustache with combed-back hair and a tank top on his Instagram, the only thing missing was a cigar. Since we don’t have total context for the scene just yet, perhaps there’s a chance Wahlberg will still go back to the iconic getup.

Late last year, filming wrapped up for the Uncharted movie after a series of delays from the COVID-19 pandemic.  Tom Holland has since been quite chatty about the film, including one eyebrow-raising comment where Holland indicated he may have been a little frustrated with his own performance, despite not seeing the film at the time. Holland has since gone on to praise the Uncharted movie as it “works for everyone,” and not just fans of the game.

Uncharted isn’t the only recent video game franchise to get the film treatment. News on the Borderlands movie continues to trickle in, and it’s already added stars like Ariana Greenblatt from Avengers to play Tiny Tina, while Claptrap will be voiced by Jack Black.

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