Nier Replicant: Where To Find Natural Rubber

Few remakes have been able to improve their source material as impressively as Nier Replicant has. What was a cult classic carried by its story and presentation is now firmly one of the best action RPGs in the genre thanks to incredible combat & some light (but impactful) narrative tweaks. As excellent as Nier Replicant is, however, the game didn’t quite fix its worst problem: all the grinding necessary for 100% completion.

Side quests in Nier take the Xenoblade approach – in that, they help flesh out the world building through meaningful character interactions and glimpses into the daily lives of NPCs, but they’re otherwise fairly mundane and at their worst downright tedious. Nier Replicant’s approach to finding items isn’t exactly player friendly, either.

Outside of shops, the only way to find items in Nier Replicant is to either harvest them in the field or earn them as a drop from an enemy. Natural Rubber is a hard to come by material in Nier Replicant, but it can be purchased in at least one shop – making a Seafront side quest simpler. That said, Natural Rubber might be too expensive for how early in the game players can purchase it.

Finding Natural Rubber

Although it’s not exactly advised due to how uncommon they are, it is possible to find Natural Rubber in the wild at harvesting points. Unfortunately, Natural Rubber can only be found in the Northern or Southern Plains, both of which feature multiple common items that supersede Natural Rubber in terms of drop RNG.

While not technically rare, Natural Rubber is uncommon enough where you’ll only ever find it by chance. If nothing else, it’s always worth foraging a harvesting point when you see one – a good rule of thumb when looking for any material.

Buying Natural Rubber

For those who don’t want to go to the effort of grinding for Natural Rubber the old fashioned way, the material can be purchased at a Seafront store for 700 Gold per item. At least 5 Natural Rubber are needed for side quests in the game, so someone who has no Natural Rubber will need to drop 3500 Gold.

Natural Rubber is available to purchase as soon as you reach Seafront, which also means bulk buying will be out of your price range for a while. An easy way to grind quick money is to kill the Giant Spiders outside of the Manor leading to Seafront. They drop Giant Spider Silk and Rainbow Spider Silk which fetch a fine price when sold (and aren’t needed for any side quests). There are also harvest points along the way that might yield Natural Rubber.

The New Merchant In Town

The New Merchant in Town is a relatively early game Seafront side quest where Nier helps out a local man in stocking up his shop. The new merchant asks Nier to get him 10 Wool, 10 Goat Hides, and 5 Natural Rubber. Wool is dropped from Sheep which can be found in large numbers in the Northern Plains. Goat Hides are a rare drop from Goats (also found in the Northern Plains), but they’re more quickly farmed at the Eastern Road. For Natural Rubber, just make sure to stick to the Manor method. You’ll earn enough money to buy the Natural Rubber, saving you some precious grinding time and RNG frustration.

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