Nintendo Switch on track to become Nintendo’s best selling home console in 2021

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We’re approaching the four year birthday of the Nintendo Switch with the hit hybrid console first launching in March 2017. And ever since then the Switch has put the Wii U’s disappointing commercial performance firmly in the rearview by consistency selling like hot cakes. But even so, the latest Nintendo Switch sales figures revealed by the House of Mario make for some very interesting reading.

The latest sales figures, highlighted by Niko Partners senior analyst Daniel Ahmad, puts the Switch on just shy of 80million units sold.

That means the Switch has already managed to surpass the total lifetime sales of the Nintendo 3DS, which hit its 75.94million units sold figure during a much longer period on sale.

But that’s not the only impressive thing about the latest Nintendo Switch sales figures.

Ahmad showed how the Switch is performing compared to other consoles at the same stage of its lifecycle.

Nintendo Switch release trailer for 2020 game releases

And looking at where a variety of consoles were at after 46 months on the market, the Switch is performing better than…well, all of them.

At this stage of its lifecycle the Switch is selling better than the PS4, Xbox 360, PS1, PS3, Nintendo Wii and even the mighty PS2.

The latter is especially interesting as the PS2 is the best selling console of all time, with 155million units sold in its lifetime. In second place is Nintendo’s DS handheld family.

The Wii is currently Nintendo’s best selling home console of all time, but at the same stage during both console’s lifespan the Switch is performing better.

Ahmad said the Switch is on track to overtake the Wii’s sales by the end of this year, but won’t catch up to the Nintendo DS family of handhelds.

If that’s the case then by the end of 2021 the Switch could become the sixth or fifth best selling console of all time – with plenty of gas left in the tank.

The Wii during its lifetime sold 101.63million units, while the original PlayStation isn’t too far ahead – on 102.49million.

If the Switch is indeed on track to surpass the Wii sales this year then it may also leapfrog the PlayStation in the list of best selling consoles ever.

In a series of tweets Ahmad said: “The Nintendo Switch has sold in 79.87m units after 46 months on the market.

“Here is how it compares to other consoles when launch aligned.

“In the same time frame, the PS4 was around ~67m and the PS2 was around ~69.5m. The Wii was just under 75m.

“It should be noted that the Switch launched in March, while the other consoles launched around November, which is why the Switch has its holiday bump earlier than the PS4 and Wii in the chart above

“I would expect the Switch to dip back to that Wii line, but overtake it soon.”

Ahmad went on to add: “Switch won’t catch DS, but it’ll track alongside Wii for most of this year, overtaking it by the end of the year.”

If the Switch manages to overtake the Wii’s lifetime sales this early in its lifecycle then it would be extremely impressive.

Anyone that was gaming during the Wii era will remember how popular it was, with everyone and their gran getting in on the Wii Sports action.

The Switch will surely have a few more years left in its lifecycle, so if the console is still selling this well after being on sale for a number of years it could end up being very high up the list of the best selling consoles of all time when all is said and done.

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