Octopath Traveler: Champions Of The Continent – How To Class Up Characters

All travelers in Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent have a rarity, indicated by their number of stars. As you may expect, 5-star characters are the most powerful, as they have access to more skill boards and a higher maximum level than characters of lower rarities.

However, some characters can be summoned at different star rarities, and then can be upgraded using certain materials, unlocking a new skill board and increasing their level cap. Let's take a look at how to class up characters and increase their star rarity.

How To Increase Star Rarity

To increase a character's star rating, you will need special materials obtained from Hunts. Namely, Seals of Enlightenment, Sacred Seals of Enlightenment, and class-specific Seals. Upon completing a Hunt, you will have a chance to obtain these materials, and you can increase your chances by matching your total Influence to the Influence type of the Hunt.

It's important to note that only certain characters can be summoned at different star levels, and thus only these characters can be upgraded in star rarity. These characters are often referred to as 3.5-stars, and 4.5-stars, for characters that can be upgraded to 4-stars and 5-stars, respectively.

You can also class up characters by summoning them again at a higher rarity. For example, if you have Iris the Dancer at 3-stars, then summon her again at 4-stars, she will automatically be upgraded in star rarity. This will unlock her extra skill board and increase her level cap without the need to spend materials.

Due to the scarcity of the materials needed to class up characters, we recommend saving them only for travelers you plan on heavily using. There is always a chance you will summon the character again at a higher rarity later on, so we recommend only classing up characters you need the extra power for immediately.

How To Class Up 3-Star Characters

To upgrade characters from 3 to 4-stars, you will need the following materials.

  • 1x Class-specific Seal
  • 2x Sacred Seal of Enlightenment
  • 10x Seal of Enlightenment

How To Class Up 4-Star Characters

To upgrade characters from 4 to 5-stars, you will need the following materials.

  • 1x Sacred Class-specific Seal
  • 10x Sacred Seal of Enlightenment
  • 50x Seal of Enlightenment

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