Official PS5 coloured faceplates coming 2022 – branded as console covers

If you never liked the colour of the PS5 you can look forward to buying Sony’s official faceplates, or console covers as it calls them.

Despite the popularity of the PlayStation 5, not everybody was on board with the all-white colour scheme and many wished Sony would release it in different colours. For a time, third party suppliers sold alternate faceplates, but this quickly attracted Sony’s lawyers.

There were signs that Sony intended on selling its own PlayStation 5 faceplates (a patent for them was filed only last month) and now, more than a year after the console launched, Sony has unveiled several of them.

In a short trailer uploaded to YouTube with little fanfare (there’s not even a video description), five coloured faceplates, or console covers as they’re officially called, for the PlayStation 5 were shown: red, blue, purple, pink, and black.

There’s no mention of pricing, but the PlayStation Blog states that they will be made available at participating retailers from January 2022. At least, the black and red ones will. The pink, purple, and blue ones are only slated for the first half of the year.

At the same time, Sony also revealed three new DualSense colours: pink, purple, and blue. These will start coming out from January as well. Between these and the red and black DualSense controllers released earlier in the year, this means you can get matching colours for both your controller and your PS5.

If you absolutely want to get one of these covers or controllers ASAP, you’ll need to sign up to Sony’s PlayStation Direct service. The PlayStation Blog lists the purple controller for a January 14 release and won’t be sold at other retailers until February 11.

The black and red console covers, meanwhile, will be available via PlayStation Direct from January 21, followed by a February 18 release at other retailers.

Last year, after the DualSense was first shown off, many artists shared their own ideas for potential alternate colours, including ones themed on specific PlayStation games like God Of War and Persona 5. Hopefully, Sony will soon follow suit with some similar ideas, both for controllers and console covers.

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