One Piece Odyssey: Best Enemy Designs

Some of the enemies in One Piece Odyssey are bonkers. Each of the enemy designs is bold and brilliant, coming from the mind of the One Piece Manga creator, Eiichiro Oda. They range from cute, to terrifying; tiny to gigantic. You'll meet hundreds of these funny little bad guys from the start of your odyssey to the end.

6 Blue Gorilla

What's scarier, the gorilla itself or the enormous axe they're wielding? Maybe what's actually scary is the fact that this doesn't really look like a gorilla. Or that it seems to be wearing an executioner's cowl. It would be nice to think that underneath that hood is a sweet smile and eyes that twinkle, but let's be honest, you still wouldn't want to meet this enemy on a dark night.

5 Jura Bird

Nobody wants a gigantic luminous green bird barreling down on them. The Jura Bird is an ominous sight to behold. At first, the bright plumage can trick you into thinking this bird is an exotic and beautiful creature. Then it opens its mouth. Screaming into battle, beak gaping open, talons sharp and reared up ready to strike; this is no handsome bird from the zoo. It's estimated that the Jura Bird, having battled several, is at least the size of a bus, making those claws even more horrific.

4 Thunder Colossus

Out of the four separate colossi, the Thunder Colossus might be the best. Mostly because lightning is the coolest of the four elements here, right? Plus the shoulder pads. This colossus looks a little angelic, with the large halo-type headpiece and the golden accessories. It's not angelic. At all. It's not even remotely friendly. It uses all that lightning power to fry anyone in its path. The design here is great, as the colossus feels menacing and towering, a truly terrible boss.

3 Shockcracker Doll

More creepy enemies arrive in the form of the Shockcracker Doll. You can be honest, puppets are up there with clowns for spooky characters that are designed to be friendly. It's all in the fractured movement and the lack of life behind the eyes. These variants look rightly menacing, equipped with electric powers to make your hair stand on end. Though they don't make much noise, we can imagine these creepies squeak as the totter towards the pirate crew.

2 Sand Del Kong

A variant of the first mini-boss you meet in One Piece Odyssey. Seeing Del Kong for the first time, there's a sense of danger, but also a sense of fun. He's a happy-looking guy with a massive grin, though the grin is full of razor-sharp teeth. Let's not overlook those hench forearms. Del Kong is giving Popeye a run for his money with those guns. It looks like he has skipped leg day, but given that he could crush you like a grape, it's best to keep comments like that inside.

1 Rock Panda

There are a few variants of the panda, but you can't beat the original. Another creature who skipped leg day, the panda is all upper-body strength. The rounded broad shoulders flow directly into its head and gut, creating a truly powerful bear. If you want to get an idea of this beast's demeanor, look no further than that grimace. What a wonderful frown that is. What would satisfy this panda? No chance it's a handful of bamboo.

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