Outer Wilds DLC Echoes Of The Eye Added To Steam Records

Outer Wilds DLC has been discovered in Steam’s database, and the game’s creators appear to have confirmed it’s legitimate and probably coming soon.

Almost two years after it was first released, information regarding some potential DLC has been discovered for The Outer Wilds. Simon Carless appears to have been the first to make the discovery, or at least the first to share it, as he posted a link to where he found the information on Steam. The DLC appears to be called Echoes of the Eye.

A discovery like this is usually nothing to get excited about since it tends to lack official confirmation from the game’s creators. However, Annapurna Interactive has replied to Carless’s discovery with an eye emoji, and Mobius Digital Games has replied to that tweet with two more pairs of eyes. It would seem that the discovery is very much what it seems.

The Outer Wilds was dubbed one of the best games of 2019 by many. However, its ending neatly wrapped up the game’s story, and there has been no hint of a sequel or any DLC until now. While the name Echoes of the Eye gives away very little as to what the new content will be about, it does suggest that the title is a reference to the game’s Eye of the Universe.

A release date for the DLC has also not been revealed. However, it makes sense that it would be released alongside The Outer Wilds’ arrival on Nintendo Switch. The indie title will arrive on the platform at some point this year, presumably before the summer. Although the Echoes of the Eye DLC has only been discovered on Steam, it’s assumed it will be available across all platforms.

The Outer Wilds received multiple awards after its release two years ago, including the BAFTA for game of the year in 2020. News that its legacy will be added to, hopefully very soon, will come as very welcome news to a lot of people. Not to mention its much-anticipated arrival on Switch. It’s also just one of many terrific titles released by Annapurna in recent years, a studio dedicated to creating wonderfully unique games.

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