Overwatch 2 Brings Teams Down To Five Players, With Only One Tank Allowed

An update for the highly-anticipated Overwatch 2 was revealed today and it seems that some big changes are in store for the multiplayer first-person shooter. For the sequel, an overhaul of the PvP mode will shrink teams down from 6v6 to 5v5. This will also limit the amount of tanks allowed in teams.

During a livestream that was announced last week, Overwatch director Aaron Keller shared the updated PvP system for the sequel. In announcing the smaller team sizes, Keller also shared what this will mean class-wise. Each team will now have two damage classes, two support classes, and only one tank class. Keller hopes that this new team size will help to create a more fluid gameplay in the often chaotic PvP. After all, keeping track of nine other players is easier than watching out for 11. Plus, Keller feels that tanks within Overwatch can sometimes be “problematic” and by narrowing the amount of tanks on the battlefield, it should make combat easier to manage.

During the livestream, Keller also noted how the tank class was being “reevaluated” so that they would function better in close-range combat and be less of a tool to simply “soak up damage.” They will have a reduction in knock back and less of an ultimate charge gain as they take damage in combat. Lead designer Geoff Goodman detailed some of the major changes coming to specific tank classes for Overwatch 2. This includes an alt-fire mode for Winston that fires a blast of lightning in a longer-range attack, Reinhardt gains dual Firestrike charges, and Zarya gains dual Bubble charges for her Particle and Projected Barriers.

The game’s team also announced that other classes will be modified for the sequel. Damage classes will gain a speed bonus and support classes will gain automatic self-healing capabilities if taking consistent damage for a period of time. Plus, maps will be modified for the game to accommodate the change in teams, allowing more cover as tanks will no longer be relied on to soak up damage and shield teammates.

Of course, these changes are currently in development and may change before the game is actually released. However, it is clear that Blizzard is taking their time with Overwatch 2 and ensuring a game that will feel familiar but bring a new sense of battle to the fan-favorite shooter.

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