Overwatch 2 Mercy Emote Allows Her To Clip Into Walls

Blizzard has been trying to keep up with Overwatch 2's problems ever since the sequel launched last month. As it attempts to fix a Mei glitch that saw the hero removed from the game last month, a problem with Mercy has been highlighted that could see the character receive the same treatment.

Highlighted by ilax300 on Reddit, the issue with Mercy revolves around her sitting emote. When the emote is used in a certain spot on Overwatch 2's Esperanca map, Mercy takes a seat and clips right through the brick wall behind and below her. In that sitting position, while clipped through the wall, Mercy is completely invisible to everyone else, chaos ensuing around her as the match continues as if she wasn't even there.

Barring a stray bullet hitting Mercy, she can presumably remain sat there until the match is over. Not the most fun way to play Overwatch, but definitely an exploit players will take advantage of to rack up wins and XP, therefore unlocking more stuff. How exactly Blizzard will deal with the Mercy issue has sparked a pretty lively debate in the replies to the Reddit post below.

As touched on above, Mei remains unavailable in-game due to a problem with her Ice Wall ability that was letting players glitch out of bounds, away from their enemies. Players have hypothesized that Mercy will get the same treatment while Blizzard mulls over how to figure out her sitting problem. Others have highlighted players spend too much money on Mercy for that to be an option and it's more likely Blizzard will disable the emote or the Esperanca map while it fixes the problem.

The Mei issue was supposed to have been fixed by now, but Blizzard revealed yesterday's patch has been delayed until Thursday due to a “critical issue”. Activision Blizzard as a whole is still facing a number of lawsuits stemming from the results of an investigation published in 2021 accusing the studio of harboring a toxic work environment. Microsoft has pledged to publish sexual harassment reports annually as it continues its attempts to acquire Activision Blizzard.

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