Overwatch 2 Push Maps Are Disrupting Mercy’s Rez Due To Apparent Oversight

There’s no sugarcoating it: Overwatch 2 is still full of bugs. Many have been squashed since the game’s release, but many more have popped up as a result of newly added content. One wonders if Activision Blizzard’s ongoing war against its own QA departments might have something to do with the generally lower quality that fans have endured in recent releases.

We can add another bug to Overwatch 2's list. It seems that Mercy's Resurrect ability doesn't work on Push maps if the robot happens to be tromping over the recently-deceased soul that Mercy is trying to resurrect. Reddit user renemisaka has this footage of Mei failing to resurrect despite being successfully targeted within the spawn timer. It seems just as Mei should become a glowing yellow avatar with a few seconds of immunity, her glowing yellow ball just gets picked up by the robot and moved away without her returning to the battlefield.

This is particularly troublesome as Push maps are already being criticized for being too large. Slower heroes are finding it difficult to get back to the fight on Push maps as it is, making Mercy an almost necessary pick to keep your teammates fighting. However, now Mercy mains will have to be careful not to resurrect players that are in the same spot as the Push-bot lest they find their souls sent back to their original spawn points.

There are plenty of other bugs that Overwatch 2 players have to contend with. There's the random server glitch that boots players from competitive matches and then hands down a 15-minute ban believing that the player actually left of their own accord. Then there's the competitive rank system in general, which players are calling hopelessly broken. And then there are the smaller bugs, like the origami charm that's clearly not hung from the right spot.

It really does seem like Blizzard needs to slow down on the new content just to keep the game from falling apart. Case in point, executive producer Jared Neuss told eager fans on Twitter that Overwatch's planned PvE game mode is not going to be coming anytime soon.

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