Overwatch 2 Twitter Is Asking What You Think Of Ramattra’s Toes

Unprovoked (as in, nobody asked and nobody wanted to see this), the Overwatch 2 Twitter posted a photo of Ramattra's toes from the Poseidon skin, revealing that he has nails. They then told people to "Discuss". So, here we are, discussing.

For research purposes, I Googled "Rammatra feet" to see why there's hubbub about them having toenails with this skin. Toenails are completely normal, and I'm pretty sure every humanoid Overwatch character has them, even if they're hidden. Ramattra doesn't. They have Omnic feet – they're mechanical.

Where the toenails should be, Ramattra has three silver claw-like components, so Ramattra having toenails in this skin is annoyingly noteworthy. This is the first time we've seen his toenails. Hopefully, it'll also be the last time.

Understandably, the responses weren't, "Holy shit! Toenails! That's so cool. Sign me up" with a photo of their credit card details. Instead, it's mostly, "What? Why?" San Francisco Shock, the Grand Finals Champions of OWL 2019 and 2020, said, "Cannot believe I grew eyes for nine months in the womb only to see this tweet."

That about sums it up. Others asked them to delete it, some shared photos of washing eyeballs, and others appeared to be into it. However, as a handful pointed out, sharing feet pics on main for free is a rookie mistake – lock those dogs behind a paywall.

Digging into Ramattra toenails some more, I managed to uncover a bit of extra gunk on the official Overwatch forums. The tweet got shared there by one Sprklmufin who wasn't pleased, simply saying, "W-why."

At first, comments took "discuss" and ran with it in a different direction, sharing all the other Overwatch characters they want to see barefoot, from Brig to Sigma. Does Sigma have toenails? Don't make me Google that, too (I did, and he does, they're just very faint).

But that thread devolved into a string of replies debating whether having a foot fetish is normal or the worst kind of fetish. I promise you, it isn't. But at least the Overwatch 2 Twitter got its wish, because fans are discussing feet at length, something I never thought I'd write in a news article.

Moving away from Ramattra's feet for a second, someone decided to share another discovery their son had made, this time about his base look. As it turns out, Ramattra has assless jorts, with his whole Omnic booty hanging out, slightly hidden by his cape. Toenails and back? Ramattra is the full package.

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