People Are Angry That They Can’t Get Cyberpunk 2077 Refund And Still Keep The Game

It seems like this nightmare is never going to end. The news that Cyberpunk 2077 has had the worst possible game launch has been beaten into the ground. But in the latest version of complaints about the game, people are actually getting pissed off that Sony and Microsoft are removing the game after giving them refunds.

I’m not sure what this person was expecting. Requesting a full refund for a game littered with bugs is understandable, but on what planet do you get to continue playing a game you didn’t even pay for? This is honestly insulting to everyone who put their time and effort into creating the game. We get it—the launch was atrocious overall. But getting the game and keeping it for free essentially says, “this game is completely worthless.” Despite its many issues from being released too early, there is still a ton of great content in Cyberpunk 2077.

Yes, the game has only a 4/10 on IGN and a 55% on Metacritic, but these ratings are obviously due to the bugs and do not reflect on the rest of the content much. If the bugs make a game unplayable, then it’s not worth much at the time, sure. But obviously CDPR is working to fix these issues, and you can bet that most people are going to re-purchase the game once it’s released “for real.”

There was an epic fail in the release of the game, but that doesn’t make the entire game—or everyone that worked hard on it—a failure, so it should not be treated as such, to this extent.

I could understand where this person was coming from if the refunds were being forced, but they are indeed voluntary. Microsoft and Sony have been offering people refunds if they’re unsatisfied with the game. If you still find enough enjoyment in the game, like this person must if he’s angry about it being removed, then by all means—keep it! Many fans have been on the more graceful side regarding this launch, but some of the entitled attitudes are out of control.

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