Persona 3 Portable Devs Are "Very Aware" Of Sound Quality Issues

Persona 3 Portable players are reporting several instances of audio issues, something that the developers are reportedly "very aware", with patches deep into development and QA.

Following Persona 4 Golden's PC release back in 2020, Persona 3 Portable finally released on Steam earlier this week, freeing it from being stuck on the PSP. Reception to the game has largely been positive (aside from some outdated characterisations and creepy elements), but a number of players have been reporting issues with the audio quality, among other things.

Thankfully, it seems that we won't be waiting long for a fix. As reported by Twitter user SMTNetwork, the development team working on the ports are reportedly aware of the issues that players are having, with patches for the problems currently "deep into" development and QA. Neither Atlus nor Sega have said anything about the problems or a patch just yet, but it seems that the staff working on the game is working on it.

SMTNetwork said, "It’s sad that I had to confirm this with the dev staff, but patches for ALL versions of the P3P port are deep into development/QA. They are VERY AWARE of the sound quality especially". SMTNetwork is a trustworthy source when it comes to games from Atlus, so it seems likely to be true.

One example of Persona 3's audio problems can be seen in this clip from Twitter user NamsCompendium. Nam compared an iconic early-game scene in the remaster to the original PSP version, and it's clear from hearing Yukari Takeba say "here goes" that the audio quality has been downgraded for the re-release. Nam also points out that the game is currently being advertised as a remaster and not a port, so there's no good reason why it should be worse than the original.

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