Persona 4 Golden: Achievement/Trophy Guide

Persona 4 Golden is the remake of 2008’s vanilla Persona 4 and brings a wide variety of updates to the original. In addition to new social links, dungeons, and more, the list of achievements and trophies you could earn was expanded as well.

Now, Persona 4 Golden features a cool 50 total achievements to earn throughout your time in Inaba. The trophies can cover everything from critical gameplay missions like dungeon-crawling, to day-to-day things like shopping or snacking. For all the information you’ll need to find all the achievements or trophies in Persona 4 Golden, you’ve come to the right place.

How To Get All Persona 4 Golden Achievements And Trophies

Below, you’ll find the unlock requirements for all 50 achievements and trophies in Persona 4 Golden.

Keep in mind before you begin that you cannot earn all 50 in one playthrough, as there are a few trophies exclusive to New Game Plus runs of P4G.

This means that, in order to 100 percent the game, you’ll need to play Persona 4 Golden at least twice to get them all.

All Trophies And Achievements In Persona 4 Golden


Unlock Requirement


Available In Every Playthrough

Golden Completed

Earn all trophies (Playstation only)

Unlock all other accolades to obtain this final one.

A Prince Appears

Rescue Yukiko Amagi

Story-related and cannot be missed.

A True Man's Stand

Rescue Kanji Tatsumi

The Lounge is Closed

Rescue Rise Kujikawa

Game Over

Apprehended Mitsuo Kubo

Boarded-Up Lab

Rescue Naoto Shirogane

The Return of the Angels

Rescue Nanako Dojima

Breaking Through the Fog

Secure Tohru Adachi

Pursue the true ending of the game.

Welcome Back

Rescue Marie

Finish the Hollow Forest dungeon.

The Truth In Your Hands

Defeat Izanami

Win the final boss fight against Izanami.

Fusion Expert

Perform 50 Persona fusions

This unlocks automatically after you've created your 50th Persona in the Velvet Room.

Special Fusion Expert

Use four or more Personas in a special fusion

Fuse four Personas into one via special execution in the Velvet Room. These Personas will often be of a high level, so this will not be possible until late-game.

The Nose Doesn't Always Know

Experience a fusion accident

Fusions can go awry and result in different Personas than intended. Your first accident unlocks this accolade.

Persona Shopper

Buy a Persona from the Compendium

Speak to Margaret to purchase a Persona you've already registered.

A Favor for Marie

Give Marie a Skill Card

Offer Marie any of the skill cards from your inventory, which can be obtained during Shuffle Time or from Chagall Cafe.

Card Collector

Register 100 skills cards

Locate and obtain 100 unique skill cards throughout your playthrough. This accolade unlocks when you've collected 100 cards.

Displaying Adaptability

Switch Personas five times in one battle

This is easiest to do in multi-Shadow battles. Finish a fight having changed which Persona Yu is using five separate times before the end of the battle.

Hardcore Risette Fan

Hear 250 of Rise's navigation lines

After Rise joins the team, she'll offer assistance when you're in battle. For this accolade, you need to hear 250 unique lines of dialogue.

Going Nova

Deal over 999 damage in one attack

This is best done with a full party toward the end of the game, most commonly during extremely powerful All-Out Attacks.

Skilled Commander

Perform 50 All-Out Attacks

After downing each enemy in battle, your team can attack them all at once. Do this 50 times throughout the game to earn the accolade.

Tactical Fighter

Exploit enemy weakness 100 times

Pay attention to the analysis on the Shadows you're fighting, and hit them in the weak point to down them 100 times throughout the game.

Fill Your Hand

Get 50 Sweep Bonus

Collect all cards presented to you during Shuffle Time. This is best done by collecting the "X More" tries cards to continue drawing from the deck. Clear the screen 50 times to unlock the accolade.

Grasping at Greed

Defeat a Golden Hand

Golden Hands can be found in P4G's dungeons, but they'll run away from you when they see you. Hit one as its running away to trigger a fight, during which the Golden Hand will be immune to almost all elemental attacks.

Lay on the Physical/Almighty attacks to take it down. This accolade unlocks the first time you beat one.

The Reaper Becomes the Reaped

Defeat the Reaper

Trigger the Reaper fight by opening 20 treasure chests (not golden treasure chests), and agree to open the last one when the game asks. This begins the fight with the Reaper, an incredibly strong mini-boss. Defeat him one time to unlock this accolade.

Food Fighter

Finish Aiya's special dish

Finishing the Mega Beef Bowl Challenge at Chinese Diner Aiya will cost ¥3,000 and require all five of your social stats to be at max. However, each failed attempt rewards you with points toward any three random social stats.

Compulsive Reader

Read every book in a single playthrough

Finish reading each book you can get in P4G, including ones tied to events and social links.

It's Working Today

Buy an item from the Capsule Machine

Visit the Capsule Machine in front of the Shiroku Store/Pub on a day when it's raining or snowing, and you'll find the machine working! Use it on these days to successfully get an item.

Lucky Me!

Win a prize from the vending machine

Each time you purchase a beverage from one of the machines around Inaba, you have roughly a 50% chance to receive a second drink for the price of one. This accolade will trigger the first time this happens.

Granter of Your Desires

Buy five products from Tanaka's Amazing Commodities

Watch your television on Sunday morning to tune into Tanaka's Amazing Commodities. At the end of the broadcast, you can place an order for one of the items shown. Do this five times to unlock this accolade.

Seize the Moment

Buy a special croquette from Sozai Daigaku

Visit Sozai Daigaku in the North Shopping District and purchase a "special croquette" when you see it on the menu.

Cooking With Gas

Cook five perfect meals

Prepare five boxed lunches flawlessly. They can then be shared with your classmates at Yasogami High to earn extra affinity toward their social link.

A Special Lady

Enter a special relationship with someone

Enter a romantic relationship with any of the female social links.

We have social link guides to help with this for the following characters:

  • Ai Ebihara
  • Ayane Matsunaga
  • Chie Satonaka
  • Marie
  • Rise Kujikawa
  • Yukiko Amagi
  • Yumi Ozawa

Mr. Perfect

Max every trait

Reach the final level of your Courage, Diligence, Expression, Knowledge, and Understanding stats.

The Other Self

Obtain the Persona Izanagi

Awaken to your first Persona. Story-related, happens automatically.

Moderate Bookkeeper

Complete 50 percent of the Persona Compendium

Register Personas in the Velvet Room to fill out the Compendium. These accolades will trigger as soon as the requisite percentage has been hit.

Thorough Bookkeeper

Complete the Persona Compendium

Fashion Plate

Fight a battle in costume

Costumes can be obtained in a number of ways (quests, events, or Croco Fur in Okina City). Equip one to a character on the Equip menu screen by swapping out their usual clothes for a costume.

Head of the Class

Rank first in your class on an exam

Receive a perfect score on your exams. This will likely be a late-game achievement, as the final day of exams requires no manual input and pulls a score based on your Knowledge stat. You cannot rank first in the class without max Knowledge.

You can find our exam guides here:

  • All Classroom Answers For April And May
  • All Classroom Answers For June And July
  • All Classroom Answers For August, September, And October
  • All Classroom Answers For November And December
  • All Classroom Answers For January And February

Fishing Master

Catch the Sea Guardian

Follow the request line that begins with the old man at the Samegawa Flood Plain. It will see you becoming better at fishing before going to Shichiri Beach to catch this legendary fish to show to the old man.

A True Bond

Max a social link

Reach Rank 10 (Max) with any of your social links.

Bond Maniac

Max ten social links in a single playthrough

Reach Rank 10 (Max) with ten social links in a single year in Inaba.

Legend of Inaba

Max all social links in a single playthrough

Reach Rank 10 (Max) with every single social link you meet, which must be done in a single year in Inaba.

An Acquired Taste

Drink the coffee at Chagall Cafe

Head to the coffee shop in Okina City (unlocked after riding your scooter around your neighborhood three times). If your Persona shows a card icon next to a skill, drinking the coffee will offer you a skill card for that skill. Do this once to unlock the accolade.

Movie Buff

Go to three movies at 30 Frame

Watch a movie at the 30 Frame theater in Okina City three separate times. Each film costs ¥1,500 to watch. Bringing a teammate along can boost their level and increase their stats.

Bug Hunter

Swing the net with perfect timing

Swing your bug net exactly when the "!" pops up to catch the bug. The accolade unlocks the first time, but each perfect swing after still allows you to catch more bugs than a normal swing.

Advantage Mine!

Get a Player Advantage

Hit an enemy shadow from behind before it notices you to gain the upper hand in battle, allowing you to attack first.

Big Bro Is Worried

Visit Nanako in the hospital three times

After Nanako enters the hospital, visit her on three separate days after school while she's there. Here are the characters and dates that will allow you to visit :

  • 11/22: Yosuke (in Classroom 2-2)
  • 11/23: Chie (in North Shopping District)
  • 11/24: Rise (Yasogami High – Classroom Building, 1F)

A New Quiz King

Win the Miracle Quiz Finals

The Midnight Trivia Miracle Quiz is available on television on "3 Ch. Inaba Public Access." There are three rounds, each with 20 questions that pit you against your teammates. Proceed through the first two rounds, and the finals will be available after beating December's boss. Win the final round to trigger unlocking the accolade.

Exclusive To NG+

One Who Has Proven Their Power

Defeat Margaret

Challenge Margaret to a fight and win. (In order to do this, you must have progressed toward the True Ending already, defeated optional bossed before January's end, and reached Rank 10 (Max) of the Empress social link.

The Power of Truth

Fuse Izanagi-no-Okami

Fuse Izanagi-no-Okami in the Velvet Room. (You must have beaten the game with the true ending on your first playthrough, as well as reached Lv. 91 in your NG+ in order to have the Personas needed for your Dodecagon fusion.)

After unlocking your final trophy or achievement from this list, you'll have 100 percented Persona 4 Golden!

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