Persona 5 Royal: How To Claim That $70 DLC Bundle for Free (And What’s Inside)

The original release date of Persona 5 back in 2017 was followed by a number of themed DLC packs that included themed costumes, the ability to summon and obtain old personas from previous games, additional music selections, and much more. If one were to buy all of those extra features, they’d end up with a credit card charge of about $70, on top of the $60 retail price of the game.

That hefty price tag is the reason why fans flipped out when Atlus announced back in December that all Persona 5 DLC’s would be included for free with the purchase of Persona 5 Royal. And now that the game is finally out for Western audiences, all the extra costumes, personas, music, and more, can be yours with the purchase of Royal.

Head to the PlayStation Store and search up “Persona 5 Royal”. (If you’ve already purchased the game, either physically or digitally, you can just head to the PlayStation Store button under Royal‘s icon.) From there, you should see all the available DLC’s for Persona 5 Royal.

Look for something labeled the “Legacy DLC Bundle.” This bundle is absolutely free and contains every DLC ever released for the original Persona 5. Click on it and download it for yourself.

You’ll be able to claim your DLC items in the big cardboard storage box that sits on the bottom shelf towards the front of Joker’s attic room. Just stand near the box and press “X” to examine the box and claim your items. You’ll get a notification for each new item to be added. After you’ve grabbed everything, you can check your inventory to see your bounty.

Note that you won’t be able to access these items until after 4/12.

What’s Inside the “Legacy DLC Bundle”?

There are a number of new costumes in the bundle, including outfits from past Atlus titles, such as Persona 4, Persona 3, and even Catherine: Full Body. You’re only able to change outfits when infiltrating a palace or exploring Mementos, but the battle and victory music will change depending on Joker’s appearance.

The bundle also gives players a pretty solid starter kit, including 100,000 yen, which is incredibly helpful when you’re first starting out. It also comes with a set of skill cards that are teachable to any Persona you have. In total, players will receive skill cards for each basic skill and debuff (e.g. Agi, Bufu, Zio, Garu, Psy, Frei, Kouha, Eiha, Dia, Tarukaja, Rakukaja, Sukukaja) as well as three blank cards to be used at their discretion. If that wasn’t enough, there’s a number of healing supplies there too, including a Soul Food, a Soma, and three Balms of Life. Use them to replenish you and your team’s HP and SP levels.

But the biggest prize in the “Legacy DLC Bundle” is easily the ability to summon and fuse personas from previous Persona titles. And while summoning a persona costs money in the game, these special personas from the DLC can be summoned for free. Plus, players can keep them in their inventory regardless of their level, meaning they can easily head into the first palace with a level 91 Messiah if they so choose. Players might not want to break the game that easily with such an over-leveled persona, but it’s definitely a cool option if they so choose.

Persona 5 Royal is available now, exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

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