Persona 5 Strikers: Every Forgotten Desire Location

As you play through Persona 5 Strikers, you will begin to receive requests, essentially sidequests, which ask you to return to previously completed Jails in order to complete a certain task. One kind of request that you will receive is about retrieving Forgotten Desires, all of which are given by Mona.

There are eight Forgotten Desires in total, each hidden in a different Jail, and while Mona will give you a little text clue about their location, it’s still pretty vague. Luckily for you, we have a complete guide about where to find each and every Desire and the date on which you will receive the requests so you don’t miss out on them.

Trapped in a Wonderland – Forgotten Desire 1

  • Request Given: August 8th
  • Jail: Shibuya Jail
  • Reward: More accessories available from Sophia’s shop.

In Shibuya Jail, go to the Underground Waterway checkpoint and head back towards where you first met Sophia. This Forgotten Treasure can be found in the location marked on the map, in the most southern drain point. Just jump up to it and grab the floating cube.

Trapped in a Nightmare – Forgotten Desire 2

  • Request Given: August 11th
  • Jail: Sendai Jail
  • Reward: More accessories available from Sophia’s shop.

In Sendai Jail, go to the Hirose St. checkpoint and jump up the building directly in front of the checkpoint. Travel over the roofs with the invisible platforms and jump points until you reach the location marked on the map. It’s on a slightly lower level than the platforms before it.

Trapped in a Frozen Hell – Forgotten Desire 3

  • Request Given: August 17th
  • Jail: Sapporo Jail
  • Reward: Unlocks Bondmaker Lv.2 bond skill.

In Sapporo Jail, go to the Arboretum checkpoint and head back through the chapel (away from the snowboards) and follow the path until you reach the location marked on the map. The Forgotten Desire will be out in the open here.

Trapped in Ruins – Forgotten Desire 4

  • Request Given: August 23rd
  • Jail: Okinawa Jail
  • Reward: Divine Grace Skill Card.

In Okinawa Jail, go to the Laboratory North checkpoint and use the moving crane in the location marked on the map and drop down when above the center containers to claim the Forgotten Desire.

Trapped in Shrine Gates – Forgotten Desire 5

  • Request Given: August 24th
  • Jail: Kyoto Jail
  • Reward: Concentrate Skill Card.

In Kyoto Jail, go to the Inari Taisha checkpoint and head past the Fox Couple statue towards the location marked on the map to find the Forgotten Desire.

Trapped in Dystopia – Forgotten Desire 6

  • Request Given: August 28th
  • Jail: Osaka Jail
  • Reward: Power Incense.

In Osaka Jail, go to the Shipping Railway Area checkpoint, head towards the location marked on the map, and then use your Phantom Vision to see the climbing points that you can Phantom Dash to in order to reach the Desire.

Trapped in the Abyss – Desire 7

  • Request Given: August 30th
  • Jail: The Abyss
  • Reward: Increases bond skill level cap.

In the Jail of the Abyss, go to the Depths of the Abyss Lower Stratum checkpoint, then climb onto the platform directly ahead of you and you will find the Desire on the location marked on the map.

Trapped in the Great Tree – Desire 8

  • Request Given: August 30th
  • Jail: Tree of Knowledge
  • Reward: Master Coffee Recipe.

The final Desire is found on the fifth floor of the Path of Surrender in the Tree of Knowledge, on a ledge just in the bottom left of the map, close to a treasure chest.

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