Persona 5: The 10 Strongest Judgement Arcana Personas, Ranked According To Strength

Judgment personas are pretty hard-hitting, but they do require quite the commitment in order to level up fully. Due to the fact that the protagonist of the game doesn’t have the chance to rank up with Sae until much later, many of these personas are obtained late in the game. Sae, herself, is a formidable opponent, proving to be both a mastermind in cross-examinations as well as one heck of a boss as a shadow.

In order to accurately represent the Judgment arcana, characters must display traits such as a strong sense of resolve, wisdom far beyond their years, and the determination to understand life’s deeper questions. With that being said, the personas which fall under the sign of Judgment are already much stronger than many others in the game. They take a combination of skill and power to possess, but are highly effective in battle, making them some of the most worthy.

10 Anubis

Anubis is known in Egypt as the god of mummification, and its his Ancient roots that make him such a powerful persona to start. As he presides over ancient burials, one of his jobs is to weight the heart of the dead to determine whether they can pass through to the afterlife. The fact that judgment is part of his duty as a deity makes him the perfect persona for the Judgment arcana, and he has the power to match. Two of his attacks give the player a high chance of instantly killing any one foe, while the others provide helpful boosts against status ailments as well as Curse damage.

9 Trumpeter

Personas of the Judgment arcana often have very deep and intense backstories, such as the Trumpeter, who was one of the seven angels in the Book of Revelation. His duty was to sound the trumpet he carries, thus signifying one of seven deadly plagues to be released upon the world before the eventual Apocalypse.

His attacks range in anything from heavy physical damage to a decrease in nearly every area on all foes for at least three turns.

8 Yamata-no-Orochi

This eight-tailed and eight-headed serpent comes from Japanese folklore and is yet another powerful contender representing the Judgment arcana. His attacks include Oni-Kagura, Mabufudyne, Deathbound, Repel Fire, Adverse Resolve, and Unshaken Will. From the names, players can gather that each of these attacks is unique as well as powerful. They lend the player strength in terms of phyiscal attacks, ice damage, and immunity against and any all mental ailments.

7 Abaddon

According to Hebrew belief, Abaddon was responsible for bringing a plague of locusts upon humanity. He’s also responsible for enticing humans via sloth and dispute, making him a vile and disruptive force among mankind. In Persona 5, however, he functions as a powerful persona, capable of easily destroying common foes. He can absorb physical attacks while also dealing great damage with them, more so than many other personas at that base level. Players can also use his attacks to survive one fatal hit, as well as to drain SP from one enemy.

6 Messiah

In stark contrast to the previous personas, the Messiah is known for being the redeemer to humankind, responsible for bringing about salvation during the days leading up to the apocalypse. The Messiah is noted in most major religions and is also seen in Persona 5 as a powerful persona to wield.

Messiah has the ability to heal and restore statuses to the entire party and is strong to nearly every elemental attack. His use goes far beyond a typical healer, as he can allow party members to survive fatal attacks with a full HP bar. His HP and SP regeneration stats are also useful during intense fights.

5 Shiva

Shiva, another one of the Hindu gods, earned the title of ‘destroyer’. In the Hindu religion, destruction isn’t seen as a bad thing – rather, it’s viewed as the counterbalance to creation and something that is essentially a necessary evil in order to reconstruct a new world. With a name such as destroyer, you can imagine that his attacks are fairly powerful… and they are. With almost each attack, he deals extensive damage, whether its by electic, a fatal physical blow, or Psy damage.

4 Michael

Michael is known as a powerful figure in Christianity, and was seen as the Commander in Chief of God’s army. He has the title of an archangel and was a powerful asset when it came to waging war against fallen angels. Similar to Shiva, Michael can unleash hefty attacks that have the ability to destroy an enemy in a single turn. His damage includes Almighty as well as Ice, but he can also deal heavy physical damage. One attack, in particular, Mahamaon, has a medium chance of killing every single enemy in one turn.

3 Messiah Picaro

We’re rapidly approaching the strongest of the Judgment personas, and Messiah Picaro is only second to the most powerful. His attacks and design are very similar to the original Messiah, and the addition of Picaro translates to ‘rogue’ in English. While the two are indeed similar, Messiah Picaro is specific to Persona 5 and is slightly stronger than his first edition.

2 Satan

If we’re judging by the name, a persona by the title of Satan isn’t something that we want to mess around with. This persona looks just as horrifying as it is, with powerful abilities that make it a force to be reckoned with. It’s the most powerful of all the Judgment personas and interestingly enough, his base level is only slightly stronger than those that came before.

This implies that all of the late-game Judgment personas are similar in level and power, making them all mighty opponents. Satan deals significant damage in both ice and Almighty, making this persona a good option for foes who are weak to elemental attacks.

1 Confidant: Sae Nijima

Sae couldn’t be a better, or more accurate fit, for the Judgement arcana. In Persona 5passion, her career as well as her personality make her a perfect representation of this powerful arcana. Her intense for the truth and justice make her a strong contender, and players really need to work to obtain all that her social rank has to offer.

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