Pikmin 4 Launching July 21, 2023

Back in September 2022, we got the wonderful news that Pikmin 4 would be coming this year. Tonight's Nintendo Direct confirmed that we'd be reunited with our precious Pikmin July 21, 2023.

We'll be stepping into the shoes of a new protagonist – goodbye sweet Olimar – and this time they also get a cute puppy to help them on their adventures. Oatchi looks like a very good and helpful pup, and we can't wait to march legions of loyal Pikmin to their untimely demise. There will also be a new Ice Pikmin, but don't worry, the iconic Red, Blue, and Yellow Pikmin are still here to help us out.

The launch date was announced alongside a gameplay trailer that showed off how the game will look on the Nintendo Switch. It's been ten years since Pikmin 3, and that originally launched on the Wii U. All the tried and tested mechanics are back, from plucking the Pikmin from the ground to throwing them at absolutely every single problem in your path.

As is always the case with Pikmin, you crashland on a distant planet and seem to be much smaller than the world around you. The trailer shows the protagonist collecting treasures like a pair of binoculars. It also shows off how wonderfully chonky the new Ice Pikmin look – it's very cute when it does a little spin dance.

TheIce Pikmin should add a new layer of strategy to the game's puzzles, as their ability to freeze both enemies and bodies of water will help you overcome all sorts of challenges.

The new pup, Oatchi, is an interesting two-legged creature who seems to happily run alongside you and your Pikmin. He's a big boi though, able to smash through environmental obstacles like cracked plant pots and vases. He can also drag fallen enemies with the strength of at least ten Pikmin, so he's a strong addition to your team.

Splatoon DLC was also announced during the Direct, as well as a season pass.

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