Pilot Mechs As A Cute Widdle Bunny Girl In Iron Saga

Iron Saga lets you pilot giant mechas as a cute bunny girl wearing a bathrobe in its latest update.

As mobile games continue to catch on here in North America, the hero collector genre continues to gain ground. We’ve already seen naval waifu-collector Azur Lane take over small screens late last year, and there’s already another mobile title to take it on.

It’s called Iron Saga, and while the aim of the game is to collect pilots, mechs, and various in-game resources, there are a few major differences. First, Iron Saga’s cast isn’t entirely made of women as there are a few boys thrown in here and there as an acknowledgment that not everyone’s eye candy is female. Second, where Azur Lane’s combat is generally a bullet-hell shmup, Iron Saga takes a much more hands-off approach. Mechs will attack automatically in the game’s main story mode, with the player mostly just tapping the screen to grab power-ups and the occasional special attack (although mechs will activate their specials automatically too).

There are several other game modes, such as Guessing Arena (a memory-based mini-game), Combat Simulation (a more hands-on ARPG game mode), Rocket Pack (basically Flappy Bird with mechs), and more.

But the main draw is collecting various mechs and pilots. Pilots can be placed in whatever mechs you prefer, and there’s even a co-pilot system where you can match two pilots together to receive passive buffs (so long as the pilots like each other).

There are over 500 mechs and pilots to choose from with over 100,000 cosmetic items, including mecha skins, pilot outfits, and the recently introduced bunny girl outfit.

Iron Saga‘s Spring Update adds three new pilots, Yumi, Shiri, and Rina, as well as a new event mech and new side quests. Chapters 31 and 32 have been added to the main story mode as well, with new daily and weekly challenges and quests.

Iron Saga is available for free on Android and iOS.

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