PlayStation Jokingly Confirms God Of War Is Called John Kratos

It's easy to forget how silly video games can be. What other hobby has people saying things like, "they're one, bot lane, jungler is low" with a straight face? Remember Boyfriend Dungeon where people could turn into weapons? Absurd. Beautifully absurd. So, when people wade into our weird and wonderful word, they can often make funny mistakes, like calling the God of War himself John Kratos. Well, PlayStation found it so funny that it's their headcannon now.

On May 4, Star Wars day, Guardian video game editor Keza MacDonald received a marketing email from someone who definitely didn't know the God of War series. They called the protagonist John Kratos, and now the PlayStation twitter account has commented.

"John Kratos is my head canon now," the account tweeted. "Also the World Serpent is Colin. Hope that's OK Sony Santa Monica." It's like telling your mum Master Chief isn't actually called Mr. Halo. Although, funnily enough, his name is John-117.

PlayStation also teased an alternate title for the upcoming sequel, God of War: Ragnarok – John of War: RagnaJohn. Obviously, this little joke is tickling a lot of video game fans. One tweeted, "John Halo Vs John Kratos. A battle of the ages."

It's always funny when we're forced to take a step back and acknowledge how ridiculous video games really are. It's cute to see PlayStation turning this into an opportunity for a bit of fun.

For fans excited for Ragnarok, try not to let all the recent video game delays worry you. An insider claims the game is still on track for a 2022 launch, and the animation director has also reiterated that "Ragnarok is coming this year."

While this is a fun story, in darker news, Sony has told its subsidiaries not to comment on the US' current abortion rights controversy. However, Bungie's senior community manager remains confident in the developer's stance and said "there will never be a “muzzle” big enough to stop us from standing up for what’s right."

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