Pokemon Go: 10 Fastest Ways To Hit Max Level Right From Your Sofa

Pokemon Go was created with the aim to get people out more. The premise encourages walking and visiting new places, with rewards handed to players for doing so.

However, in recent times, getting out hasn’t always been possible for most people. The safest thing to do is sit at home, which isn’t conducive to the whole point of Pokemon Go. How are you supposed to be safe and level up yourself and your Pokemon, to become the best trainer you can be?

Fortunately, the game has been adapted to recent times a little and given players more opportunities to catch Pokemon from home. As well as that, there have always been some tricks you can employ to watch your level skyrocket right from the sofa.

Check For Pokemon Around You

Every now and again, you’ll see Pokemon pop up within your radius right from where you are. If you live in a highly-populated area, there will be more of them — but even rural areas will see them pop up now and again, if you’re willing to keep checking in on the app.

Catch the Pokemon you see for those EXP points and candies, and make sure never to miss the new ones! Catching new Pokemon affords more EXP points than ones you already have.

Use Incense

Incense can be bought in the store and is often handed out as a reward for leveling up, and there’s no better time to deploy it! For thirty minutes, a new Pokemon will spawn around you every five minutes (if you’re completely static; it’s more if you’re walking). That way, if you live in a rural area and it’s difficult to find Pokemon around you when you’re just sitting at home, this creates guaranteed spawns.

Evolve Pokemon

If you’ve been playing Pokemon for a while, chances are, you’ve accumulated a lot of them.

Take the time to go through your Pokemon and work out which of them can be evolved. Even if you already have the evolved version, just going through the act itself will create a few EXP points, and every little counts.

Power Up Pokemon

By going through your Pokemon, you can also find which ones should be powered up! These will be extremely helpful in raids and battles, so make sure to spend your candies on the best of them.

To help with this, you can also purchase an item in the shop that boosts how much stardust you get. A Star Piece will let you gain 50% more stardust.

Participate In Remote Raids

One of the recent changes to the game is the introduction of remote raid passes. That means if you have a raid in sight of your house but can’t get close enough to participate, you can use one of these passes to join it from afar and even set a code for friends to join you at the same raid.

Remote raids can be challenging on your own, since the Pokemon are usually high level, so it’s advisable to participate in a group where you can.


Pokemon Go’s battle system doesn’t require you to be in close proximity to anyone. You can enter the system at different levels—depending on the CP of the Pokemon you want to use—and go through battles to enhance your experience in the game. You also get rewards for winning a certain number of battles out of a round of five, depending on which level you entered as.

You can also choose to battle against your friends.

Battles allow you to have three Pokemon and two protect shields, but use those shields wisely when those max attacks hit because once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Complete Research Tasks

Pokemon Go will assign two types of research tasks—field research and special research. Field research means small tasks you can complete to win a reward, and special research tends to be a bit more involved but awards a better prize at the very end.

Many field research tasks especially can be completed from inside the home, such as a certain amount of great or excellent throws. Just remember not to hit ‘complete’ on two field research tasks on the same day, because the game will only count it as one.

Check For Pokestops Near Your House

It won’t work for everyone, but some people are lucky enough to live near Pokestops! Make sure you check if there’s one within reach. Even if it’s at a distance and you can’t spin it, your buddy Pokemon will randomly bring back gifts from it, if you have the room.

Participate In Special Events

Often, Pokemon Go will run special events, where a certain kind of Pokemon will be more plentiful or rewards will be given for doing certain things on a certain day. Since these events now cater more to staying at home during recent times, make sure to keep up to date with what’s coming up.

It might not be as efficient to level up in Pokemon Go without going outside and socializing, but it’s definitely possible. It just takes a little more work.

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