Pokémon Go: All The Changes Coming To Battle League In Season 4

Niantic has revealed when season four of Pokémon Go’s Battle League will begin. Here’s everything that will be added and changed for the new season.

Battle League was added to Pokémon Go earlier this year and has proved to be one of the AR game’s most popular features. It pits trainers against each other, no matter where they might be in the world, with the aim being to rank up as high possible during any given season. Different restraints are put in place including CP caps and only being able to use certain types.

Battle League is currently in its third season, and on Monday, September 14, 2020, season four will begin. Niantic continues to tweak the feature, but a lot of things in season four will remain the same. Trainers will still not need to walk 3 km in order to take part on any given day, and the friendship level requirement needed to compete against friends will remain at Good.

Niantic will be tweaking a few things for season four though and plans on adding what sounds like some exciting stuff. The biggest change will be how players rank up. Taking part will now only get trainers as high as rank two. Beyond that, they will need to actually win battles to make it to ranks three through nine. The rating of 3000 to max out at rank ten remains the same as previous seasons.

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Trainers who reach level ten will receive a brand new, currently unannounced avatar pose. Also, anyone who finishes the season at rank seven or higher will get an elite fast TM rather than an elite charged TM as will be the case when season three comes to a close. Following the Great, Ultra, and Master Leagues, there will also be a Halloween Cup.

The Halloween Cup will start on October 26, 2020, and come to an end on November 3, 2020. The only Pokémon eligible for battle during the Halloween Cup will be poison, ghost, bug, dark, and fairy types and must be 1500 CP or lower. Season four will come to an end on November 8 ready for season five to start on November 9. Niantic has already revealed that season five will only be three weeks long.

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