Pokemon Go: Anniversary Event Guide

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Pokemon Go is celebrating their sixth anniversary since its initial launch in 2016. This year's birthday celebration will be featuring and themed around the fan-favorite Pokemon Charizard, the sixth entry in the Pokedex. In addition to this, there will be several bonuses and new features present during this event window.

Taking place from Wednesday, June 6, 2022, at 10am, to Tuesday, July 12, 2022, at 8pm local time, players will have to log in and adventure using the Pokemon Go app to fully take advantage of the Pokemon Go: Anniversary Event. On top of the standard bonuses being offered, players will be given access to several Ultra Unlock Bonuses; additional features and benefits during this event are provided due to the community's efforts in past events this year. This is a lot to take in, ensuring that you're taking full advantage of this event – we've got you covered.

Pokemon Debuts

Similar to other limited-time events that take place in Pokemon Go, there will be a handful of Pokemon that will be making their debut in this title. In the case of this event, these Pokemon may already be in the game, but there will be a special variant that will be offered during this event window. Make sure to log in to encounter and catch the following event-themed Pokemon.

  • Party Hat Charmeleon
  • Party Hat Charizard
  • Cake Costume Pikachu

Additionally, for the first time, players will be able to evolve Party Hat Charmander; keeping the Party Hat when it evolves.

Wild Encounters

During this event, there will be several Pokemon appearing in the wild more than they usually do. Make sure to log in during this time to encounter and catch the following wild Pokemon.

Anniversary Event Wild Encounter Pokemon
Bulbasaur Squirtle Machop
Ledyba Ralts Buneary
Pansear Venipede Chespin
Fennekin Froakie Bunnelby
Litleo Pikipek Gabite
Helioptile Party Hat Charmander Clauncher
Cake Costume Pikachu


During the Anniversary Event, there will be different Pokemon found in Raids than those you are typically used to. The following event-themed Pokemon will be seen in Raid Battles during this event window, varying depending on the difficulty of the Raid.

Mega Charizard X will appear in Raids on Wednesday, July 6, 2022, and Thursday, July 7, 2022. Mega Charizard Y will appear in Raids from Thursday, July 7, 2022, to Tuesday, July 12, 2022.

Anniversary Event Raid Pokemon
Raid Pokemon Raid Difficulty
Cake Costume Pikachu One-Star Raids
Dratini One-Star Raids
Unown E One-Star Raids
Pansear One-Star Raids
Venusaur Three-Star Raids
Party Hat Charizard Three-Star Raids
Blastoise Three-Star Raids
Tyranitar Three-Star Raids
Metagross Three-Star Raids
Zapdos Five-Star Raids
Mega Charizard X Mega Raids
Mega Charizard Y Mega Raids

Field Research Encounters

During this event, you will encounter specific Pokemon when completing Field Research tasks. Make sure to acquire and complete these tasks within the event window for a chance to encounter one of the following Pokemon.

Anniversary Event Field Research Encounters
Bulbasaur Charmander Squirtle
Chikorita Cyndaquil Totodile
Treecko Torchic Mudkip
Turtwig Chimchar Piplup
Snivy Tepig Oshawott
Chespin Fennekin Froakie
Rowlet Litten Popplio

Additionally, there will be an event-exclusive Timed Research available during this event as an Ultra Unlock Bonus. Players can complete this Timed Research to encounter and catch the Pokemon Wash Rotom.

Avatar Items And Stickers

To further celebrate this event, there will be new Sixth Anniversary avatar items available for purchase at the in-game shop. This will become available at the start of this event, and will remain available after it has ended.

Additionally, there will be event-themed stickers available during the event window. Make sure to spin PokeStops, open Gifts, or purchase them from the in-game shop while you can.

Ultra Unlock: Battle Weekend

Taking place from Saturday, July 9, 2022, to Sunday, July 10, 2022, Pokemon Go will be hosting a Battle Weekend as an Ultra Unlock bonus. Make sure to be playing during this event window to take advantage of the following bonuses and features.

Event Bonuses

During this Battle Weekend, the following bonuses will be available to players.

  • Up to 20 Go Battle League sets per day.
  • Use a Charged TM to help a Shadow Pokemon forget the Charged Attack Frustration.
  • Team Go Rocket balloons will appear every two hours.
  • 5x Stardust from Go Battle League Rewards.
  • One extra Raid Pass per day.
  • Extra 50 percent XP from Raid Battles.
  • Earn two Mysterious Components from defeating Team Go Rocket Grunts instead of one.
  • Extra 50 percent Stardust from defeating Team Go Rocket Grunts.
  • Earn Legendary Pokemon Encounters as a Go Battle League reward for Rank 16 and up.

Ultra Unlock Bonus: Blast From The Past

During this Battle Weekend, players can evolve certain Pokemon to teach them attacks that were offered in previous events. Evolve the following stage one Pokemon to teach them these rare attacks.

Ultra Unlock Bonus: Blast From The Past
Pokemon Attack Learned When Evolved
Charmander Blast Burn (Charged Attack) and Dragon Breath (Fast Attack)
Cyndaquil Blast Burn (Charged Attack)
Torchic Blast Burn (Charged Attack)
Chimchar Blast Burn (Charged Attack)
Tepig Blast Burn (Charged Attack)
Bulbasaur Frenzy Plant (Charged Attack)
Chikorita Frenzy Plant (Charged Attack)
Treecko Frenzy Plant (Charged Attack)
Turtwig Frenzy Plant (Charged Attack)
Snivy Frenzy Plant (Charged Attack)
Squirtle Hydro Cannon (Charged Attack)
Totodile Hydro Cannon (Charged Attack)
Mudkip Hydro Cannon (Charged Attack)
Piplup Hydro Cannon (Charged Attack)
Oshawott Hydro Cannon (Charged Attack)

Team Go Rocket

During this Battle Weekend, there will be a new Special Research available to players. This Special Research will center around the Team Go Rocket Leader, Giovanni, and rescuing the Legendary Pokemon Shadow Latios. In addition to this, completing this Special Research will earn you a Super Rocket Radar as a reward.

This Special Research will be available to claim even after this Battle Weekend has ended; remaining available to claim until September 1, 2022, the end of the Season of Go.

Additionally, during this weekend, Team Go Rocket Grunts and Leaders will be using different Shadow Pokemon than usual. Defeat Team Go Rocket members to encounter and catch these Shadow Pokemon; including Geodude, Shinx, Purrloin, and many more.

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