Pokemon Go Down: Server Status latest as Trainers struggle to sign in

Pokemon Go servers look to be down this morning for many Trainers on iOS and Android.

Players are reporting issues signing into their accounts and accessing core features of the app.

No statement has been released by Niantic Support confirming today’s issues, meaning we don’t know how widespread they might be.

From what has been shared by Pokemon Go players, servers are struggling with sign-in requests and other issues.

This includes being able to access your account to find a blank game with missing objects and Pokemon.

One affected user reports: “I got in after a few minutes and without touching anything it said “Item cannot be used at this time”, and then my buddy disappeared.

“I’m just going to stay off for the rest of the night.”

Another adds: “Logged in okay, but nothing’s spawning, and I had just turned in my ‘evolve three bug-types’ – no clue whether my little cicada buddy went to the back of my stack (unclaimed Lotad day encounters) or off to the great beyond (without leaving a Shedinja in his place).”

Niantic is expected to release an update on today’s issues if they are not fixed quickly, the good news being that this may only be a regional issue.


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