Pokemon Go: Greedy Gluttons Event Guide

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Pokemon Go is debuting a new Ultra Beast brought to the game with a brand-new in-game event, the Greedy Gluttons Event. This event will be featuring Guzzlord for the first time in Pokemon Go, in addition to several other Pokemon that fit the gluttonous theme of this event.

This event will be taking place over about a week, available from Wednesday, November 9, at 10 a.m. to Thursday, November 17, at 8 p.m. local time. There will be several special bonuses and features present during this event window, so we've put together everything you need to know to take full advantage of it.

Pokemon Debut: Guzzlord

This event is centered around the debut of Guzzlord, the Dark/Dragon Dual-Type Ultra Beast introduced in Generation VII. You can expect to find Guzzlord in Five-Star Raids from Tuesday, November 8 to Wednesday, November 23.

Team up with other Trainers to battle and defeat this Pokemon for the first time, securing yourself a chance to catch and add this new Ultra Beast to your Pokemon Go collections.

Event Bonuses

There will be one event bonus available throughout this event, and it's a bit different from others previously offered for Pokemon Go in-game events. During the event window, players can enjoy 1/2 Egg Hatching distance for the first three Eggs that they hatch.

This bonus will only be in effect if you are hatching Eggs while using the Pokemon Go Egg Hatching Widget. Make sure to download and use this widget if you wish to enjoy this in-game bonus.

Wild Encounters

You can expect to see a change in the Pokemon found in the wild during this event's duration, many following the specific theme of this event. Make sure to stock up on PokeBalls and log in during this event for a chance to encounter and catch the following featured Pokemon.

Wild Encounter Pokemon
Golbat Alolan Rattata Swinub
Pelipper Alolan Raticate Gulpin
Bidoof Bibarel Skwovet
Snorlax Lickitung Swalot


There will be a change in the Pokemon found in Raids during the duration of this event. These Pokemon will also be following the theme of this event and will differ in challenge based on the tier of Raid that they can be found in. Each of these Raid Pokemon can be found below, listed with the tier of Raid that they will be residing in.

Raid Pokemon Raid Tier
Mankey One-Star
Swinub One-Star
Spoink One-Star
Tepig One-Star
Snorlax Three-Star
Mawile Three-Star
Swalot Three-Star
Sharpedo Three-Star
Guzzlord Five-Star
Mega Gyarados Mega Raids


The Pokemon hatched from 7 km Eggs will change for this event as well. There are only three Pokemon that can be hatched from this type of Egg during this time: Cherubi, Gible, and Munchlax. All three of these Pokemon will have the chance of being Shiny, in the case of Munchlax, the first time that its Shiny variation is available in Pokemon Go.

Event Research

Field Research Encounters

During this event, the Pokemon encounters earned through the completion of Field Research Tasks will also be different. Make sure to visit and spin PokeStop Photo Discs to obtain these event Field Research Tasks, giving you a chance to encounter and catch one of the following Pokemon.

  • Exeggcute
  • Cherubi
  • Swirlix

Event Timed Research

There will be Timed Research available during this event as well. Make sure to log in and complete this event-themed Timed Research to earn yourself some valuable rewards, including Golden Razz Berries, Silver Pinap Berries, and an encounter with Snorlax.

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